DOOM Pre-Orders on Xbox One Come With Free Copies of DOOM and DOOM 2

That, plus some other, not so good bonuses.

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If you pre-order the new, upcoming DOOM on the Xbox One via the Xbox Store, then you also get free copies of the classic DOOM and its sequel DOOM 2, with the codes for each game being delivered to your Xbox Message Center in 7-10 days. Now that’s a good incentive to pre-order the game! You get to play the original FPS sensation, as well as its far superior sequel, which is still regarded as one of the greatest shooters ever made!

Pre-ordering the game will also get you the Demon Multiplayer Pack, which includes one unique Demon-themed armor set with three skin variations. You also get six hack modules, which are one use consumable perks, six exclusive metallic paint colors, and finally, three id Software logo patterns, which you can apply to your weapons and armor.

Honestly, a lot of this is just the kind of nonsense that I hate about the pre-order culture that has sprung up around AAA games- but the classic games being given away for free, at the very least, is a good, tangible bonus that I can’t take issue with.

DOOM launches this May on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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  • red2k

    Yep preorders are killing the industry. Anyway this game is amazing and probably it will be one of those games that change the industry and FPS genre.

    • legacy

      It already did that, if it wasn’t for doom there will be no call of duty or any other fps

    • red2k

      They will do it again!

  • One With Shadows

    That’s ridiculous. I can get both Dooms off of Ebay for $.99 a piece. Lol. Some bonus! Ha

    • Magdalena Gaytan

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    • Mark

      While that’s probably true, lol, I think those games being backward compatible on the One, and free, (people always like free!), may entice some gamers

    • One With Shadows

      If you replaced “gamers” with “suckers” I’d agree with you 100%. But real gamers are laughing at MS.

    • Mark

      I disagree. I wouldn’t call someone that buys the new Doom and getting 2 older versions with it that can be played on the One thru back compat, a sucker. Alot of gamers like their old games to move with them to current gen…..I see it as more convenience to access a large library in one place.


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