DriveClub Features 17 GB Install Size, PS Store Pre-orders Coming Next Week

Evolution Studios compresses install size to something very manageable.

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Evolution Studios’ DriveClub just recently gone gold with the studio also revealing plans for free content and upcoming DLC packs. Game director Paul Rustchynsky also took to Twitter to provide some more details about the game especially its install size.

“With #DRIVECLUB having gone gold I get plenty of questions about the install size. We managed to compress it to just ~17GB in the end.”

That’s pretty impressive especially when you consider the visuals of DriveClub which are in 1080p resolution.

Rustchynsky also provided an update on pre-orders through the PlayStation Store, stating that, “I’m being told next week, but I can’t promise that as I’m not dealing with that directly.”

DriveClub releases on October 7th for the PS4 exclusively and is coming out roughly a year after its originally planned release date. Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more information on the same.

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  • Starman

    They didn’t compress anything to be smaller install …….SMOKE AND MIRRORS AGAIN…… the game is TRACK BASE not open world … it’s a small game ….PERIOD !!!!

    • GHz

      Could be textures right? Sony did overtime on the looks of this game. From what they showed us, its hella pretty. @ 1080p those textures don’t come cheap. Just my guess though.

    • Starman

      Game does look awesome , no argument there .. but gameplay and scale , I’m concerned…

    • demfax

      Great hands-on impressions for Driveclub are coming in and outweighing the blind fanboy hate.

      Driveclub got great impressions at E3 2014, it’s like a next-gen PGR with connected social features and club competition. Most E3 2014 impressions state it plays well and looks great. It will review well and sell decently. It’s the best looking console racing game. Driveclub’s weather effects look amazing running on PS4’s more powerful console hardware.

      Driveclub is channeling Project Gotham Racing, one of Xbox’s most beloved arcade racers. Those games didn’t have any customization beyond paint jobs and you know what? They were still amazing. It’s an arcade racer, different from sim racers, it doesn’t necessarily need fine tuning customizations. Not inherently better or worse.

      Closed and open world racers are different experiences, not inherently better or worse than one another.

      Weather is confirmed free in a patch soon after launch. It was demoed in-game to journalists at E3 2014 and demoed at Gamescom 2014, it’s basically finished.

  • Asturias_Knytt

    Game looks great.

    Turns out to be a terrible racing game.

    Called it.

    • demfax

      Driveclub beta tester impressions:

      “Gameplay really is fantastic. I’ve played a lot of racing games. From Burnout, PGR, Need For Speed series, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, Forza (though not the Horizon series) and more. The car handling feels semi realistic, so a mix or realism and PGR style arcade, though I think it leans more towards realism. Plenty of content/events/challenges.

      Graphically it is the best racing game I’ve played (haven’t played PC racing games). At first I didn’t think it looked that great, but then you keep racing and it just hits you. It’s stunning, and just feels so rich. The environments just feel like they’ve had so much attention and it really brings the races to life. I haven’t really experienced this before, it’s just very dense. Motion blur is really well implemented, it doesn’t feel distracting at all.”

  • demfax

    Big surprise, another Driveclub article swarmed with shills spreading lies and blind hate.


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