DriveClub Will Stagger You With Its Realism

These guys are crazy.

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DriveClub looks amazing, and that has to do with the amount of care that has gone into the details of the game, with each individual aspect of the game’s environment being rendered carefully to replicate and duplicate the real world experience. And when I say that they they have paid an excruciating amount of detail to all of these aspects, I mean it. For example, did you know that the clouds in the are all modeled in 3D, so that they can diffuse light realistically? And that they actually respond to and scatter properly as a result of, the wind, depending on its velocity?

Or, did you know that each individual light source on the race track is painstakingly crafted individually and rendered independently, so that you get a level of illumination that is unparalleled in any other game on the market? Or that car sounds in DriveClub are so accurate that BMW and Mercedes-Benz AMG have requested copies in order to replace the archived files they previously stored?

I mean, that’s some dedication to authenticity right there. Hats off to you, Evolution.

Source: Press Release.

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  • Starman

    Really ??? “stagger us with it’s visuals” … I’ve seen it , I’ve played it and let me tell you , the gameplay sucks , it’s not in sink with the commands it’s clunky , looks pretty good but lacks in a lot of areas , and it’s due out in less than a month , no way they can fix this broken game…

  • Asturias_Knytt


    This site is a joke.

  • bardock5151

    Sounds like a PR fluff piece. Lot of these going around lately, hmmm.

  • Asturias_Knytt

    “Source: Press Release.”

    lmao. I didn’t even notice that. Way to blow your own trumpet haha.

  • Cigi

    oooohhh no… this is just totally crap.

    Read the end of the “article” – Source: Press Release.

    What a joke gamingbolt … what have you become 🙁

  • dock gamer

    And this has got nothing to do with all the praise and hype that the forza horizon 2 demo has being getting at all . I thought this was someone’s impression of the game but it’s just the devs blowing there own trumpet for gods sake they will tell you anything to sell there game.

    • Ippoletta

      Lol yep, they were legit scared by Forza 5 so they ran with their tails between their legs and delayed the game, now that they see Forza Horizon 2 is doing everything that they’re doing and then some and looks amazing, they’re trying their hardest to keep it relevant till release. Driveclub is dead on arrival, but you know some fools are going to buy it because they have nothing else on PS. they cant delay again., they have nothing else to hide from. you know they were mad once FH2 was announced lol…

      1.Less cars.(all European) 50 (FH2 has 200+ all kinds of cars)

      2.Less content (no weather at launch, no customization etc) FH2 has that and then some and it’s all launching in the game.

      3.Less people in clubs, 12 (FH2 has 1000)
      4. DriveClub looks good at 1080p/30fps. but it’s closed track). FH2 is open world, 1080p/30fps 4XMSAA. i hope sony fanboys enjoy all the delicious PC footage and screenshots they’ve been getting spoon fed because the PS4 version will look nothing like that. they’ve been warned.

      but our game looks so pretty!!!!, driveclub is a tech demo. all looks and no substance. it seems they even dropped the PC version. that’s how bad it got for them. people will play driveclub for a week and then go back to the other racers.

      i expect them to gloat about some sales numbers like they always do. but that wont help them in the slightest.


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