‘DRM vital to our business’ says Ubisoft

Posted By | On 16th, Apr. 2010 Under News

Ubisofts creative director Maxime Béland has told VG247 in an interview that DRM is vital to the developer’s success.

He said that the heavy DRM now attached to new Ubisoft releases is helping the company to continue to develop “creative and innovative games”. 

“We consider that protecting our PC games is vital to our business,” said Béland, “and will allow us to continue investing in the development of creative and innovative games on the PC platform.”

The DRM, which forces gamers to be online while they access any part of the game, has sparked controversy among the PC community. It was also thought that a withdrawal of Silent Hunter V and Assassins Creed II from Steam was due to the issue- in fact it was just down to an unrelated business decision.

Steam said,

“The games listed are available for sale in all other countries on STEAM. The fact it is not available on STEAM UK has nothing to do with the DRM but is linked to a local business discussion between Ubisoft and Steam in UK.”

The restricting technology has again come under fire recently when it emerged that Splinter Cell would be delayed for the PC until April 29- which again, Ubisoft claims, is unrelated to DRM.

Read the full interview here at VG247.

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  • Shushunmire

    Ubisoft has lost any potential business from me permanently due to their new DRM. I wonder how long it will take them before they learn that DRM only hurts legitimate customers. Their new DRM system was cracked within 24 hours of release, so pirates are not effected.

  • Lancer

    I really do understand wanting to protect your intellectual property, and on the other hand, wanting to be paid for a product you created. But there is really no reason whatsoever to ban ALL players from being able to enjoy the copy of the game that they purchased because Ubisoft and many other companies don’t want a few people to steal it. The fact is that people generally buy games, music and movies they enjoy. Only a few pirate it – mostly because of lower quality and a chance for malicious “add-ons”. They keep this up, and more and more people are going to turn to pirated copies just to say “screw you”.

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  • James

    This in no way harms “pirates”, or downloaders who have or had no intention of buying it. Seriously. If the crack is “zero day” that’s actually weeks LATE for this stuff (in one such case, tricks the game into saving to your harddrive and thinking its online. Pretty easy actually, without going too much into detail).
    The only ones any DRM affects, are legitimate, paying customers, who have to deal with high prices. DRM is expensive, troublesome -especially crap like this- and downright anti-consumer.

  • joe

    as long as they keep using drm, i will keep pirating ubisoft games.

  • Kevin

    joe said:
    “as long as they keep using drm, i will keep pirating ubisoft games.”
    my reply:
    And joe, that is why they keep producing drm’d games. The answer isn’t to pirate them. Just don’t play them and tell everyone else you know not to play them either. Pirating them only makes them want to lock the games down tighter.

  • Peter

    I wont buy any game thats more expensive than $20 and I will NOT buy this DRM crap. I’ll just wait for the crack.


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