Duke Nukem Forever designer calls Reviewer ‘retarded’ for Halo 4 Review

Cool story bro.

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Now guys, you don’t really call a reviewer ‘retarded’ for not agreeing with the review or score. George Broussard, the lead designer of Duke Nukem Forever (yeah), called an EGM reviewer ‘retarded’ on Twitter for giving Halo 4 a 70% score.

This has stunned plenty of people, because you would never expect someone like Broussard to say this sort of a thing. He got put in his place though by a reply which mocked the game Duke Nukem Forever. You know what they say about people living in glass houses… yeah, that applies here.

As you can see here, he not only used an old meme (Cool story bro), but also also pointed fingers at the reviewer’s credibility.

He even attempted to defend his tweet later when Patrick Klepek of Giantbomb correctly pointed out that people have opinions and we shouldn’t encourage group think.

Broussard has the right to voice his opinions though, but in a way it’s just wrong to call someone retarded because of something you don’t like. This is not really a big deal since the reviewer can defend himself too, but just something that feels so wrong.


Via Reddit.

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  • Dan

    Duke may have a point. The review calls for iron sights, smaller levels and quicker kills. So less jumping about like a Spartan super soldier, more corridor shooting gallery. I think the reviewer’s a big CoD fan.

    • Then Broussard should call these arguments, same way you did. Sure, I think Halo 4 deserves far more credit than it was given in this particular situation. But then, calling people “retard” just because you don’t agree with their review kind of invalidates everything you want to say.

      Broussard is a videogame professional. Period. He of all people should know that there are better ways to give voice to your opinions, without being an offensive asshole.

    • JayG30

      I would agree if it wasn’t on twitter, a place where forming a full argument is rather useless.

      The reviewer is getting call out on many forums for his comments with are indeed “retarded”. His comments on “iron sight” show a lack of understanding for the Halo Universe (which explains the lack of traditional sights, look up CNI/HUD, read the books and other material), the effects on gameplay mechanics, the subcategories of the FPS genre, and worst of all for me a lack of understand about the term “iron sight”.

      That last one is what really bothers me but is not surprising as it seems many gamers have adopted this term without understanding what they are talking about. He consistently has mentioned (review and in his rebuttals) iron sight in the context of “zooming”. An iron sight does NOT provide zooming. An iron sight is a system of alignment markets used to assist aiming WITHOUT the use of any optics. It does not zoom. Attached is a picture of a real iron sight.

      It is also important to understand the mechanics of using an iron sight (or aim down sight, ADS) destroys your field of vision and will slow your movement down. This is not simple a “game” thing, it is an effect of using the mechanism itself. This would have a direct impact on the core game mechanics and gameplay that make Halo what it is.

      Halo does not need a “traditional” sight. A WWII game, sure. But as a futurist shooter with some elements of an arena shooter, no. The circular retical provided for all weapons is basically equivalent to an “iron sight” without the need to hold the gun up to your eye. Considering the game is based over 500 years in the future and the protagonist has a HUD based display and a CNI (command neural interface) that interacts with him and his weaponry, I think it is safe to say they are beyond the necessity for an “iron sight”. Those weapons that are more ranged provide an optical sight (ie. zoomed in) like the sniper, battle rifle, etc.. They also do so through the CNI/HUD which is why they are “similar” (crosshair provided) but not exactly the same as a traditional optical sight in today’s day and age.

      When I read what Brandon Justice (the reviewer) has said in the EGM review and then on NeoGAF in defense of his review I get this sense that when he has a weapon in his hand that doesn’t provide a “optical sight” (ie. doesn’t ZOOM IN) that he hits the zoom in feature which makes you use your binoculars. Then when he tries to shoot it leaves the zoomed mode and he is annoyed. Providing “iron sight” doesn’t solve that as it doesn’t provide “zooming”. Making every weapon have “optical zoom” would solve that but it would make all weapons ranged and is indeed “retarded”. The other option is to just remove binoculars all together. However, I like binoculars because it allows someone to “scout” or even just “admire the landscape”. It seems to me Brandon Justice is an extremely confused individual.

    • Exactly! And if he doesn’t understand the game, he shouldn’t have reviewed! And iron sights are not added in Halo 4 due to BALANCING. You, sir, are a genuis. You go prove that ****head who’s boss.

    • Russell Gorall

      One pop military shooter or the other, only fanboys can tell the difference.

    • pharmassist

      the reviewer over at egm gave halo 4 a 7.0 for all the wrong reasons. basically, he wanted a carbon copy of a call of duty game- iron sights, michael bay-esque cliche moments, small environments, etc.

  • trow

    Broussard is an idiot either way.

    The only reason he was bashing the guy in question was not because of the actual review, but for the fact that the score itself was given,

    So yeah..

    EGM put out a bad review* and Broussard is a halo fanboy.

    And the world movies on.

    *Seriously its complaining about the fact that its not scripted enough ,what the fuck is that about?

    • The Other Reviewer

      I agree. 70 is too high lol. If it weren’t for the amazing cutscene videos, it should be 60. AI is retarded, levels are boring, aiming sucks, story is dull. All these Halo 4 fanboys suck balls.

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  • So

  • Tom

    being offended when seeing someone use “retard” is being a sensitive pussy. Also.his 70 score is retarded and should be seen as a mental impairment.

    • getalife

      So what about all of the people that are offended by the word N*gger?. because i am black just as offended by the word retard/retarded.

    • Tom

      You’re comparing racial bigotry to the mentally handicapped? You are a mitt romney (alternate form of retarded asshole)

    • Russell Gorall


    • Tom

      right back atcha, shit-lips

    • Russell Gorall

      You want to be gay with me? Internet relationships can be tough.

    • Tom

      Maybe you should stop looking for little boys and getting busted by Chris Hansen. That’s probably why you’re having a tough time keeping an online relationship.

    • ARealMan

      What are you like 12 and think that defending the word retard will somehow make you seem like a tough guy?
      Grow the fuck up and show some respect.

    • Tom

      Tough guy? Are you retarded? “ARealMan” you are not, bitch.

    • Russell Gorall

      Someone’s on the PC past their bedtime.

    • Tom

      Then get to bed, little girl. Some day you can put on your big girl panties and will start to develop breasts and boys won’t seem so gross to you. Some day.

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  • BrothaDave

    I would like Halo maybe if it didn’t take 100 bullets to kill every enemy. The game is ok but it’s just a shooter with average graphics (in game not cut scenes) and average gameplay. The online is grand, the story is whatever. I never understood the Halo bandwagon but that’s just me

    • noskillinvolved

      No offense but you only need 100 bullets per enemy when you suck at the
      game. Practice more, get better and appreciate games where you actually
      need skill to succeed:p

    • haloiscasual

      yeah if he was good at the game it would only take 85 or 90 bullets. 😛

    • noskillinvolved

      Well, LOL you funny! I think you have the same problem as him:)

    • HodoW

      Yeah. Having great aim and it STILL taking nearly a clip to kill someone….THAT is the problem with Halo….still confused?

    • 2wisted

      The longest killtime in the game is with the AR, where it’s a 17 shot kill, there are 30 bullets in a clip. That’s half a clip if you can actually shoot properly. I’m glad Halo sticks to it’s own style of gameplay, because that’s the best FPS gameplay out there right now that holds my attention.

    • Russell Gorall

      Halo Fanboy Gives Appropriate Response On The Internet

    • BrothaDave

      haha my bad I forgot how protective people are of Halo. carry on

    • xanto

      Sounds like you’re bad at games

    • BrothaDave

      hahaha na but it’s cool we all like different stuff. carry on

  • Floobersman

    I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever but George was out of line…..

  • Not to defend any side here, but there are ways of disagreeing with a review and still be polite about it. EGM is wrong on giving such score to Halo 4 – it is an awesome game, as I see it. But Broussard could have pointed out reasons why he believe the review sucks, instead of summarizing it in an offense. That just makes him sound like an asshole.

    But then again, this comes from the people who made Duke Nukem Forever – i.e. the game where its PR department claimed out loud that it would be “recheck who should get review copies” because of bad review score…

    • Russell Gorall

      You have played it?

      Not everyone is going to like everything you like. If everyone was giving Duke Nukem Forever 9’s and 10’s and a this site gave it a 7, that would also be someone’s opinion.

      Just because something is popular doesn’t mean that you have to give the game a great score, this isn’t IGN or Famitsu.

  • ECM

    You can take issue with the review and its conclusions, but calling him retarded and bitching about the *score* is the hallmark of anal-cranial-impacted fanboys.

    (Also: you are aware what irony is, correct? Because you’re indulging in it unintentionally–and to your detriment–pretty liberally.)

    • Perhaps it was how poorly the review was written with no reflection to actual content reflection (other then copied shots from other sources-note the images used). Then cross reference other reviews by the same individual, and it becomes clear, He needs to seek different employment options.

  • EGM needs to DIE!

    The EGM reviewer should not be allowed to review games from now on.

    He’s is a obviously a massive sonyfanboy or, shock horror, a tad retarded.

    • Russell Gorall

      Only people who love a game series should review it? You have to give it a good review or no review at all? I bet you love the Machinima fanboy review.

    • 2wisted

      Please, did you actually read the review? It was embarrassingly shit. It didn’t mention gameplay, had ONE paragraph talking about Multiplayer when there are a crapton of new features there, no mention of forge or the 3 forge world environments. No mention of what a Halo review should be mentioning, just complaints that would absolutely ruin Halo, any dedicated fan will tell you iron-sighys, more scripted sequences and hand-holding are the bane of every Halo player’s existence in a Halo title.

      Anyone who agrees with the points, and moreover the score, is a fool.

      Seriously, you keep commenting so I think you’re a biased fancunt, now fuck off Russell.

    • Russell Gorall

      I’m a fancunt of what? Not Halo? I’m a huge non-Halo fanboy?

      I replied to to someone who is of the opinion only people who love the game should be able to review it. You Halo fanboys just keep on chugging along, thinking you haven’t just been playing a military shooter the last ten years.

      The score is someone’s opinion, unless you are being paid by Microsoft to take up a corporation’s fight you are a Halo fanboy crying about one bad score. That isn’t how reviews/opinions work.

      Again, I hope you are getting paid for this.

  • fuck new games

    halo sucks dont blame him, hate the games industry now such crap games such a childish place

    • xanto

      Poor trolling attempt scores a 70
      Feel better?

    • He’s not particularly trolling, he’s stating a fact. The gaming industry is full to the brim with crap like COD and COD rip offs.

    • 2wisted

      …And Halo is the furthest from CoD as it possibly could be. Yet the dumbass reviewer is complaining that it should be more like CoD. By your logic, you should also think the score is bullshit, becuase you think CoD is crap, and complaining to make levels smaller, add iron sights and scripted sequences ARE TERRIBLE additions.
      Joke of a review, everyone knows it. Broussard is right, the reviewer WAS retarded, I don’t care if he’s disputing the score or the review itself, because one is derived from the other, and the review was the most biased, uninformed crap I’ve ever read for a Halo review.

    • Halo isn’t that far from CoD. Replace master chief with an American soldier, replace the futuristic weapons with modern day weapons, replace Halo with Earth, replace the covenant or whatever they’re called in 4 with Russians and bam you have Call of Duty. The reason the reviewer is a dumbass for wanting it to be more like CoD is because it couldn’t be more like CoD unless it actually was CoD.

    • Russell Gorall

      Halo is exactly the same as COD, only fanboys like yourself think otherwise. You have been playing a military shooter for ten years and didn’t know it? Halo 4 is doing its best to COD-ify itself and you didn’t know it?

      Don’t get so butthurt over a game you haven’t even played. As always, I hope you are getting paid for this. I didn’t think fanboys like yourself existed.

      PS keep posting.

    • Russell Gorall

      Poor fanboy still crying over a bad review.

      Do you feel better?

  • WEL

    where were these people when Uncharted 3 got a 5/10 from that pretentious douche called Scott Jones? The guy gave a freaking 10 to Dead Rising but a 5 and a 7 to Uncharted, Dead Space and not to mention his infamous Deus Ex review where he called the game a piece of trash.

    • Russell Gorall

      The first Dead Rising is a 10.

      Not all popular things are popular with everyone.

    • fallacy

      disagree full-heartedly…I’ve seen way better games get anywhere from 2 to 7 from people who shouldn’t be reviewing anything.

    • Uncharted 3 doesn’t deserve much more than a 5 to be honest.

    • Geeb

      ^fanboy clearly. Go play you’re yearly shooter Johnny.

    • I hate shooters.

  • Scott

    Well this just makes me so much happier knowing that Duke Nukem is no longer in the hands of that childish idiot George Broussard. I liked DNF but fuck you George, I’m still looking forward to Halo 4 anyway 🙂

    • Penilepain

      He was defending Halo 4 you fucking idiot. The review was basically a page of someone complaining that it isn’t exactly like CoD (no ironsights? this is a disgrace!)

    • trow

      Look at his response.

      He wasnt bitching about the review but rather the score.

      The review is moronic but Broussard is a fucking fanboy.

      Not surprising coming from the guy who thought halo limitations would be appropriate in a fucking Duke Nukem title.

      And most insultingly of all is how he is trying to save face by saying that “theres a reason they didnt ship DNF”.

      Yes Broussard.

      The reason was that you were a fucking idiot who drawed out development for over a decade,went bust then when T2 refused to fund your little escapade after no show of actual progress,gearbox offered to salvage your mess.

      Broussard is one of the most incompetent people to have ever blighted the industry.

      Whatever talent he poured into making DN3D,one of the greatest and influential games of all time,were lost a long ass time ago along with his credibility.
      I like DNF but Broussard is fucking scum.

      An active disrespect to both the fans, a refusal to own up to his failings and a terrible human being all around.

      Eat shit and die Broussard.

  • Russell Gorall


  • Russell Gorall

    Because anybody who doesn’t love something popular obviously has alternate reasons for just not liking it?

    The Halo fanboys are the same as the COD fanboys, yet you all hate each other.

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  • Who…gives…a…fuck?

    Such stupid video game “news”.

    Fuck off.

  • I don’t think I’d give more than a 70 to most games of the past few years.

  • some games that are so hyped and multi million poured into the marketing, would look like a good game to be played and deserve 8+ review score.

    but when certain reviews give the game a bad score….it’s for a reason, simply that the game wasn’t good enough.


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