Duke Nukem Forever Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

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As usual different retailers will be offering different ore-order bonuses for Duke Nukem Forever due out on May 3rd for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.  If you pr-order the game at Gamestop you will get “Duke’s Big Package” DLC which includes an in-game EGO Boost, Big Head Mode and a T-Shirt Pack.  Pre-ordering the game at Walmart.. that’s right Walmart, you will get a Duke Nukem Forever Trucker Hat.  There is also the ‘Balls of Steel Edition‘ of the game that you might to check out as it’s packed with a lot of stuff.

Awesome Stuff that you might be interested in

  • dh4645

    big head mode is always cool, but a trucker hat? seriously walmart. hah.
    in other news, if you buy the borderlands special edition you get early access to the duke demo! tempting, but i dont have the time to play borderlands.

  • DevilDawg

    It also happens to use steam. Why does it have to use steam? For the love of mercy, no one likes Steam! (just kidding)

    • Thatruth86

      Lol steam was pretty cool when i used to use it then i stopped they had a great line of games n classics .. Balls of steal is worth a better sale then the pre ordrr bonuses

  • aquaman22

    Im sorry but i wouldn’t wear that hat in public even if i was at gun point lol. I do appreciate that they’re trying to offer people incentives in purchasing or preordering the game. Geezz that game’s been in development for over a decade! lol damn! Aqua Out

    • dh4645

      i know right, why not make it something awesome, like a cigar…hah…or a porno mag. 🙂 seems to keep with the theme of dukem, right?

    • noxtics

      well there are a great many things better then the hat or cigar that could be given away that would keep with the theme of duke much better like…

      a pack of gum …..no not what you were thinking! gutter minds! X-D

  • lukepc92

    i really hope this in game content becomes available after a while without the preorder. I can give the baseball cap a miss however.

    • Thatruth86

      Thats y its called pre order bonus but i dnt see y u would want this stuff anyway not that stands out .. N im sure there will be better hats sold in store after release

  • noxtics

    lol you get the trucker hat if you preorder at walmart …now why does that seem so appropriate.

    New first! Stereotypical preorder content!

  • Thatruth86

    Lol thats soo wack but funny and big head mode really who wants to play wit big head mode corny n a hat come on but guess its way to promote the game for those who like free stuff ..

    • aquaman22

      Dude there are soo many people out there who have been waiting for this game, you dont understand. A lot of these gamers are old school gamers that have probably stop gaming for sometime and most probably this game will get them back into gaming. what i like about the nukem game is that this game will probably not need a super computer will all the up to date graphics card and stuff to play the game, so it will make itself accessible to a multiple wide range audience. With that said….”COME GET SOME!!!! Aqua Out!!!

  • mang gk bisa d download yea game ny…??


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