Dungeonland (video game)

Game Overview:

Dungeonland is a cooperative action game where players take control of a group of adventurers in their visit to a crazy and dangerous medieval theme park. Playing as the Rogue, the Warrior, or the Mage, heroes will adventure in a classic co-op dungeon crawl, with a sinister twist: three players can play as the daring heroes, while a fourth takes on the role of Dungeonland’s Game Master, using a pool of traps and monsters to annihilate their unwelcome guests.

Featuring hero customization, looting and dozens of items, Dungeonland is an amoral, atypical take on asymmetric gameplay.

Source: Press Release.

Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Critical Studio
Platforms: PC, MAC
Release Date: PC: January 29th, 2013, MAC: TBA
Genre: Role Playing
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