Dying Light PC Graphics Settings Revealed

So many options, this makes PC gamers happy.

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dying light

Dying Light has finally dropped and thus we have, at last, got a look at what’s on offer for PC gamers who love their options menus. Given that the game sports some genuinely impressive visuals in a fairly massive game world, options-a-plenty were expected and Techland certainly delivered.

Mouse options are in place as you would expect as well as slider to adjust mouse smoothness, if that’s your style. A slider is much nicer than simply having a “on” and “off” switch. The usual music, speech and SFX volume sliders are in place alongside optional subtitles and hints as well as cross hair visibility and auto weapon switch.

On the graphical and visual end of the spectrum we’ve got a gamma slider, the much loved FOV slider, which should be available in every first person game, as well as Vsync, Texture Quality, Shadow Map Size, Foliage Quality, View Distance, Ambient Occlusion, Motion Blur and Antialiasing.

The game also supports Nvidia HBAO+ and Nvidia Depth of Field, rounding of the list nicely.

Dying Light PC Graphics Settings

Dying Light PC Graphics Settings

Dying Light PC Graphics Settings

Dying Light PC Graphics Settings


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