EA Access Receiving New Game Soon

Feeling stiffed by the lack of new titles in Access? EA will have news soon.

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EA Access

EA’s Access subscription will be receiving a new game soon, according to the publisher. Thus far, the last big addition to the service was a demo for Dragon Age: Inquisition which allowed consumers to play as far as possible in a handful of hours just a few days before the game’s official release.

However, there are still more games that need to be added. EA stated on Facebook that in regards to games, “We don’t have anything to announce right now, but soon. Stay tuned.”

EA COO will be making a “special announcement” on Friday, December 5th for The Game Awards and though it’s more likely that there will be a new game announcement (or new footage for an existing title), there will probably be details on EA Access titles as well. What are your thoughts on EA Access thus far? Has it been worth the money invested? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • d0x360

    I subscribed about a month before dragon age launched. I figured at $30 a year it will probably pay for itself since you get 10% off any EA game and dlc. I have to imagine dragon age will have quite a bit of dlc and I also imagine dragon age won’t be the only ea game I buy so its easy to assume the discounts I receive in the 12 months will add up to $30.

    The only vault game I don’t own so far aside from sports games is plants vs zombies. I checked it out and it’s OK but not for me so as of today the vault is worthless to me but I buy a lot of games and not everyone owns everything in the vault.

    Early access to new titles is pretty sweet. Getting to play dragon age a week early made me happy and while 5 hours doesn’t sound like all that much it was enough to let me know I really enjoyed the game and had I not already preloaded it I would have right then and there. It was also nice that progress from the “demo” carries into the final game. They call it a demo or trial but it isn’t. Its the full game so if you somehow managed to beat one of these games in 5 hours…good on you. Its unlikely to happen but it could happen so when people say they are making us pay for demos that used to be free..well that isn’t the case. You are paying for 5 day early access to every game they release the full game, 10% off all games and dlc and access to unlimited play of games in the vault and once a game is in the vault it will never be removed.

    Good value IMO. It will only get better as time goes on and more games are added. Obviously since its so early there isn’t much in the vault but there will be.

    • Mark

      Dude the early demo access is great. I’ve been checking out alot of their games. Now all we need is a UbiSoft Collection app, or something. Who the heck else is out there that has a ton of games tho?

    • d0x360

      Ubisoft and Activision would be nice to have.

  • Salama

    I think that it’s a brilliant service. I never would have bought any of the sports games but now i can atleast try if i like them. And the test period is another aspect that should be used more widely.


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