EA: Wii U Can Do Anything Xbox 360 and PS3 Can

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Third parties seem to be in love with the Wii U. So far, developers like Irrational, Activision, Ubisoft, Bethesda, DICE, Crytek, Epic and Junction Point have all sung praises for the hardware. Notable in its support for Nintendo’s next console has been megapublisher EA, pledging ‘major support’ for the Wii U. Now, after having had the development kits for the system for some time, they are ready to shed some light on the console’s innards.

Speaking to Eurogamer, EA Sports vice president Andrew Wilson said, “The short answer is yes, we have a better idea of Wii U’s power; the longer answer is not quite.

“As every new piece of hardware and every new development library comes through we get a greater understanding of the power. With our early research we had been very happy with the output of the box and we expect that that will only go up moving forward.

“There are added challenges for us as developers when you think about rendering on two screens and what that might mean, but we’re looking forward to that challenge.

“It’s still moving,” he added, “but I think we’ll be able to do anything that we can do on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on the Wii U.”

Of course, that last line may not appear quite so encouraging to many, who would reasonably expect a notable power jump with the Wii U, considering that the system is five years newer than those two. When quizzed about this, Wilson had this to say:

“I think that’s our hope… but again we’re still in the early stages.”

Whereas he was relatively forthcoming about the Wii U’s power, he was more evasive about the Wii U’s rumored online capabilities, which does not send out an encouraging message to those wondering why Nintendo has been mum on the subject. Apparently, EA Sports, like every other developer working on the Wii U, is under ‘extremely strict NDAs.’ However, he was willing to divulge some details, though nothing he said was conclusive either way.

“Online is something that we’re working very closely with Nintendo on,” said Wilson. “We are highlighting to them what we believe are the most important elements to that infrastructure to deliver a connected experience that we think is the future of gaming.

“They have demonstrated an openness and willingness to work with us and work with developers that I think will only land us in a positive place.

“We’re working through the development with them now,” he added. “We have a series of people who are under very strict NDAs as you can imagine, operating with them, building that system out.”

So, there you have it. Like everything else about the system, the Wii U’s capabilities and its online infrastructure remain shrouded in mystery. But by bit, however, the fog seems to be clearing. Will the Wii U be enough? We’ll see soon enough.


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  • Well, if they say the Wii U can do anything the others can and they have been working with the other consoles for six years or more, then that is a good start, isn’t it? I don’t expect any new console Wii U, PS4 or nextbox to make a giant leap in power, but a moderately more powerful machine sounds about right.

  • Cool, so it can play my blu-ray movies too? And it plays all the PS3 and Xbox exclusives? No, no it can’t. Ah, Nintendo, churning out exactly the same games since 1981 (that’s thirty years).

    • Bob

      Lol same graphics since 1981 I never knew the had hd in 1981. Ohh and it can stream Netflix so you really don’t need blu ray and does the xbox have ps3 exclusives does the ps3 have xbox360 exclusives? Lol please that’s why they call them exclusives. There exclusive!!!

    • H.

      Actually it can play blu-ray movies and does have many of the ps3/xbox 360 exculsives along with thier products and other new exclusive games for wii u by 3rd party companys better then ps3/xbox 360.

  • Wii U Can Do Anything Xbox 360 and PS3 Can but better
    of course

  • @Waldo
    Ah, Waldo, where you at?

    I have a PS3 (actually I have two) and do not need or want another BluRay player or another do-everything multimedia entertainment centre.

    By definition, no console plays another console’s “exclusives”.

    The current 3rd party developer enthusiam for the Wii U will bring a lot of new games and franchises to the Nintendo platform.

    Personally, I am thrilled by the Wii U, and have already put aside money for one as soon as it comes out. It’s a natural evolution of the first Wii’s speaker in the controller; and Nintendo already has a lot of dual-screen experience. Even back in the GameCube days you could use a GBA as an extra screen for some games. The Wii U is gonna be a knockout success, and they won’t have to spend half a billion bucks on marketing it like Microsoft did pushing that ridiculous Kinect rubbish.

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  • Wes

    Would you care to elaborate Waldo? Because from here you seem like a fanboy troll who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Can the Xbox play blu-rays? No. Can the PS3 and 360 play Nintendo exclusives? No. Nintendo does has have franchises which they’ve made for more than 20 years, but they do that because they sell well and are usually very well received. To act like those games haven’t changed at all since the 80s and 90s is so stupid it’s laughable. Sony and Microsoft are both guilty of recycling the same franchises as well, they just haven’t been around as long as Nintendo. I bet we’ll still be playing the Halo, Uncharted and Call of Duty games in another ten years, and as long as they’re still fun I’ll be playing them just like I still play Nintendo games.

    In short, grow up douche.

  • I’ll be the first to buy this!!

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  • Musser64

    Whatever, most people that buy this won’t even take it online anyway.


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