EA Won’t Be Sending Out Pre-Release Review Copies of The Sims 4

Such confidence in their product.

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See, I was pretty excited for The Sims 4. I’m a great big fan of The Sims. The Sims 2 is among my all time favorite games. Then, news about the game began to leak out, about how much they were cutting out, how the game would be lacking features and mechanics added by not just the expansions and sequels to the original game over the last decade and a half, but also simply stuff that had been in the original game to begin with.

I was mad, but I was willing to give the game a chance. I mean, it’s The Sims after all, it’ll probably come through and be addictive as all hell anyway.

But right now, EA’s latest move with regards to the game fills me with dread about it. You see, IGN’s Dan Stapleton has confirmed that EA is not sending out pre-release review copies of the game. If there are any sent out at all, they will be sent out on or after launch, meaning reviews for the game will be delayed by at least a few days, if not weeks, which is a clear attempt on EA’s part to suppress bad press.

Which makes it pretty clear that there will be bad press, or else why would EA do such a thing to begin with?

And if there will be bad press, that in turn makes it clear the game will, in fact, be bad.

Which makes me very sad.

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  • d0x360

    Oh yea that’s never good news. I used to work at sega2000.net as well as cheatcc.com and anytime we didn’t get a review copy no matter how promising the game looked it was never a good sign. It shows a big lack of faith in the title and generally something important isnt working.

    Chances are there are sub par gameplay systems or features that EA will patch to completion in the future but they don’t want to risk day 1 sales.

    Unfortunately for EA the Sims will sell regardless of reviews. Why is that unfortunate you say? It is unfortunate because releasing an unfinished or unpolished game to the masses is gonna potentially turn them off to the series forever. The main audience of the Sims are gamers who rarely game and never read sites like this. If they jump into the Sims and the experience is worse than the Sims 3 or bad in general they won’t keep waiting for patches and updates. They won’t follow future update news. They will just stop playing and never look back. They had a similar issue (albeit smaller scale) with Sim city 4. The player base at launch was quite large but it dropped off incredibly fast due to quality issues. Those are gamers they likely won’t win back.

  • Dizzyl3mon

    EA held a sims camp this summer for some of their more vocal and participatory members of the Simming community. While they were not GIVEN full copies of the game they were allowed to play full versions of the game for 6 hours and record footage of said game play. These Simmers have uploaded reviews to YouTube showing features and expressing opinions about the game.

    More gamers are NOT depending on corporate media outlets. They are making more of their purchase decisions based on peer-reviewed content. (My opinion) EA seems to be following the trend as paid reviewers tend to lean toward the sensational to try to get more views.


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