Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer Brings the Hype

Prepare to explore the galaxy and do battle on a massive scale.

Posted By | On 10th, Dec. 2014 Under News

Frontier Development’s Elite: Dangerous may have been embroiled in controversy following issues with the removal of its offline component but there’s still plenty to look forward to. The launch trailer for the game is available and if you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is, then this should give you a good idea.

Frontier also revealed that when Elite: Dangerous lands on December 16th, there won’t be any wipe in progress. In fact, players will see increased credits. There’s still time to pre-order the release though and there are plenty of benefits like a digital concept art book and players’ guide among other things for the pricier packages.

Elite: Dangerous will see players exploring a 1:1 scale of the Milky Way Galaxy as they attempt to overthrow the Emperor. You’ll have full freedom to explore your path, becoming either a trader, a soldier or a mercenary. Will you be taking part in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Psionicinversion

    cool video shame its absolutely nothing like that according to lots of ppl

    • MrBlueman001

      The hangars – Check
      The Ships – Check
      The Weapons – Check
      The Station – Check
      Mining – Check
      Scooping cargo – Check
      Bounty hunting – Check
      Supercruise – Check

      I could go on…

      There are only two things that isn’t accurate about this video (besides it obviously is offline rendered CGI).

      1. The pilots walking around – This isn’t in the game…yet.

      2. Increased pace of the gameplay with some artistic license to how the ships fly so they can fit it into an exciting 2 minute trailer (just like any other gametrailer out there does). All the activities shown there can indeed be done in the game, but just at a slower pace.

    • thinkrant

      What? A game isn’t exactly as represented in a cinematic trailer?! Oh the horror. Someone phone the trailer police!

  • Squinty

    “brings the hype”
    What? That was very underwhelming.
    No gameplay footage, looked like a combat action game. 2/10

  • AndrewLB

    It amazes me that they put together a trailer that looks substantially worse than the actual game. They could have at least shown a ship making a jump to another system because it looks incredible especially how you exit hyperspace. Their E3 trailer 6 months ago was fantastic. http://youtu.be/ISR4ebdGlOk

    Even fan trailers look better, and theirs are all in-game footage. http://youtu.be/5jTRbmUzc8o


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