Epic Games: Smartphone Hardware Is Catching Up With Game Consoles, And That’s Super Exciting

‘This will be good for gamers.’

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Unfortunately, the danger of smartphone gaming isn’t gone yet- while there is nothing conceptually wrong with smartphones as a game platform, functionally, they have been reduced to avenues for exploitative, cash grab scams that are characterized by a desperate race to the bottom by developers and publishers in a bid to stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

Smartphone gaming has already started to take a bite of dedicated handheld gaming, and a lot of the absolute worst practices in smartphone games, such as abusive microtransactions, and selling incomplete game content, have already begun to make their way over to console gaming. But on the whole, I think one thing we can be sure of is that there is no parity currently between mobile games and consoles- mobile games provide a distinctly different kind of experienced, catered to a different kind of market and demographic entirely, while console games are high end experiences. As long as that remains true, I think it is safe to conclude that the integrity of console gaming experiences will stand, right?

You’d think so, but apparently that may not always be the case. Taka Kawasaki, who works at Epic Games Japan licensing sales of the Unreal Engine, had an interview with Gamasutra recently, in which he discussed mobile gaming- as well as the terrifying prospect of a world in which the hardware of smartphones was on par with the hardware in consoles, giving developers a very good incentive to try and cross pollinate their smartphone and console games, leading to a decline of console gaming.

“People don’t care about a richer, bigger experience,” he said. “Some people care… My favourite analogy which I often use is: It’s like a camera. For ordinary people, the iPhone is good enough to shoot or take a picture. But some people, who really like photographs, they will dare to buy a huge, single-reflection lens. So the console game is something like that. People who dare to care are the only ones who buy. So I don’t think consoles will go away, or consoles will die. But rather the market size cannot be as huge as it used to be. It’s a very disappointing forecast for my generation. But the good news, or bright side, is since smartphone and tablet performance is getting much higher and higher, soon it will catch up with the 360’s performance. That will mean you can play something like Gears of War on your smartphone, connected to a huge television.”

According to Kawasaki, this is actually a good thing, though I’m hard pressed to see how, even after knowing his reasoning.

“Those will be very difficult days for the console market, or rather the console makers. But it will be good for gamers, I believe. It will mean more than 3 or 4 billion consoles in people’s pockets, worldwide. It must be exciting days.

“If we look at the entire game market, including smartphones and PC, it’s getting bigger and bigger. Very soon hardware performance of smartphones will catch up and go over PS3 or even PS4. When it happens, we can say there are over a billion pieces of hardware with high end games, all over the world, in people’s pockets. It is a super exciting vision for all game developers.”

Urgh. I just hope that he is wrong. Continued high sales of the PS4 show us that there is at least some demand for a dedicated console- ditto with 3DS and handhelds. Hopefully, a smaller pie, but with far better yields, is enough for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to continue making dedicated gaming devices.

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  • legacy

    Well with consoles you don’t got to worry about somebody calling you and taking you out your game, and i rather have a controller over touch screen any day of the week. But whatever floats your boat

    • Mark

      Boom. Good points

  • XbotMK1

    Personally, I think this guy is just an ignorant, delusional enthusiast who probably plays alot of smart phone games and is only saying this out of wishful thinking and a love for his smart phone. I think he is jumping the gun by narrow mindedly assuming smart phones are going to surpass consoles just because smart phones received a huge boom in popularity after being invented.

    Smart phones became popular because they were a new invention that function as a mobile communication device and a media device device that happens to reduces the barrier of entry for playing certain games on the side. People play games on smart phones simply because they always have their phone and it happens to play games but people who play games on smart phones probably aren’t people who bought the smart phone to play games. People who play games on consoles bought consoles to play games.

    Just because smart phones have boomed quickly as a game device after they were invented doesn’t mean smartphones will keep getting stronger at a faster rate. Graphics processing chips are starting to reach limits. Gaming consoles aren’t going to remain static either. If that were the case, then why isn’t the Vita as strong as a PS4? Why isn’t the 3DS as strong as a Wii U? He’s also ignoring the difference between smart phones and game consoles.

    • Truth™

      The POS4 is so low powered it’s unsurprising mobiles are catching up, xtreme derp.

      They will run more games at 60FPS than the POS4 would anyway 🙂

    • XbotMK1

      Mobile has a long way to go before it matches modern consoles, much less last gen consoles. What are your thoughts on the recent Steam security exposure? Digital only DRM isn’t looking too hot right now.

    • Truth™

      The Tegra X1 mobile chip is already four times more powerful than a Wii U and with die shrinkage and more optimisation, the Tegra X2 will be easily outpowering the PS4 by the end of 2016. So only 12 months. The PS4 was outdated back in 2010. It will be even more hilariously outdated

      Valve didn’t leak millions of CC details like Sony did and fixed it within hours unlike the weeks it took Sony where they even denied there was a problem.

      Why are you still using Sony products after such a breach of consumer trust, xtreme derp?

    • XbotMK1

      “Valve didn’t leak millions of CC details like Sony did”

      Then, why was there no proof that CCs were leaked from PSN? Security breaches simply mean security was comprimised. It doesn’t mean anything was stolen. Many security breaches can go undetected for a long time so Valve could be getting hacked right now and wouldn’t know. Sony didn’t deny a problem. They told everyone when the problem was detected. The Steam security breach incident is no different than the PSN incident.

      So your logic:

      PSN security was comprimised which means Sony s*cks and CC info was stolen (even though you had no proof it was actually stolen), and everyone should boycott Sony….

      Steam was hacked and security was comprimised which is ok. Steam gets a pass because I’m a fanboy. Nothing was stolen (even when Newall himself stated that CC security was comprimised and you should watch your credit card) and excuses, excuses, excuses….

      There was nothing different between the PSN incident and Steam incident that allows Steam to get a pass or allows it to deserve different principles. Both were security breaches and neither had proof that CCs were actually stolen. This proves that you’re a hypocritical fanboy with double standards. Exposed, just like Steam for the second time.

    • Truth™

      Sony was found guilty of serious data breach and compromising customer details by the EU so you are lying about the Justice system. Meanwhile Valve found a caching issue and took it down instantly. There has been no statements from Gabe Newell so another lie and making things up.

      Xtreme derp caught in a lie again trying to give Sony a free pass because he’s nothing but a 24/7 Sony shill. Typical, really. The only person you exposed was yourself for being another dimwitted console peasant

      I await even more tears when Tegra X2, Pascal and Arctic Islands come out and make consoles utterly redundant 🙂

  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    We support the forced pop up ads

    • Mark

      Yes…yes we do

  • lagann

    Imo this guy is wrong because of the simple fact that tech in smartphones have begun to plateu.

    When Apple say that their ARM chips are as powerful as desktop class chips is nothing but pr garbage. Wake me up when you can run desktop class applications on an ARM chip and then we’ll begin to talk.

    One only needs to looks at current crop of the most graphic intensive smartphone games to see where ARM chips fall on its face….they just cant handle complex calculations like x86 chips do. They just weren’t designed for that purpose. That’s why a gpu cant replace a cpu and vice versa….they were designed for different purposes.

  • leanton31

    That guy Yamaha or what’s his name, is dead wrong… Who needs PS4 power in a smartphone?! Who wants to play Metal Gear Solid 5 of The Witcher 3 in 5 or 7 inches?! And even if the smartphones graphics horse power keeps improving the same thing will keep happening in consoles and PCs…

    • Michael Norris

      #Bandwidth LPDDR4 is running at 25gb peak @ X64. That isn’t enough bandwidth to run complex alpha effects. I agree with you.

    • Greetingsfriend

      Assuming it exists purely on a phone. The chips powering these phones are the same chips in an Apple TV and other devices like it.
      You can Airplay a game over and it works really well. It’ll only get better as time goes on. And the hardware is only going to get more powerful and you can put it anywhere.

  • Michael Norris

    I think this is where console fanboys can agree to disagree.

    • Mark

      Lol. In gaming, we unite!

  • Mark

    Errr, disagree sir!

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