Eric Chahi: “The less it costs, the better it is”

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Eric Chahi, designer of ‘Another World’ and the upcoming ‘From Dust’, in a recent interview with CVG was discussing the comments Cliff Bleszinski made at GDC about modern day developers having either to make blockbuster titles or indie games in order to see any commercial success. He agreed about the polarisation but talked about how indie titles were catching up with triple AAA releases: “Yes there is high budget and low budget, but on the other hand we can see that on the XBLA and PSN the production quality is increasing right now if you compare the games on the XBLA from a few years ago to today. I don’t know how it will evolve; maybe we will have bigger budgets for original games, but don’t think that it’s a goal.” He continued “The less it costs the better it is because the less it costs the more creative freedom we have… It’s true that there are more creative things on the low budget side than on the AAA side. If you have a graph of creativity it will be lower on the AAA and higher and on the lower [budget] because creativity is not linked to the development cost.”

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  • doub7

    Very insightful comments about the creativity curve in game development. I doubt Limbo would have been possible @ a big developer & imo it was 1 of the best games of 2010 hands down. Many dowloadable games now r rivalling the retail games.

  • Funny; if the game costs less they try to squeeze every penny they can get out of it’s success, but if it’s a big budget game, the still try to squeeze every penny they can get out of you. The only difference between the two is when it’s a big budget game, they have to meet a certain quota to break even, and another to considered “profitable”.

  • PilarVIRUS

    I mean, that does seem to be the case, but their are some games that SUCK and cost less. Battle: LA!!! I’m just saying, it’s bad!

    • I was actually thinking about downloading that, does it really suck that bad?

  • doub7

    LMAO bout Battle LA. For 10 dollars I am not complaining. It was short & like Area 51 quality but sum titles r similar & they charge $60 4 them. I beat it 3 times back 2 back & got my 200G!

  • doub7

    Nah man its not bad at all, especially if u liked the movie. It only like a 2 hr or so campaign but it is a cheap game after all. There is a ton of unlockable concept art & behind the scenes stuff also.

  • doub7

    Comic Jumper is another indie game that is brilliant. I have loved all of Twisted Pixel’s games. They have such a great sense of humor. Sum of the dialogue will have u rollin.

  • tareq salah

    makes it hopeful that a good idea doesn’t need huuuge production values. specially with the increase in video game design school. students have high hopes of making it


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