Ex Microsoft Employee Claims Insomniac Wanted To Reboot Conker

Plus, a Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark revival may be headed our way.

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An ex-Microsoft employee (verified to be so) has posted on Reddit, claiming that Insomniac, who recently released Sunset Overdrive with Microsoft for the Xbox One last year, originally wanted to try and reboot Rare’s classic Conker franchise, but that did not work out.

Apparently, Microsoft has been looking to capitalize on Rare’s stash of dormant IPs for a while now (and about time too), and the one they considered rebooting first was Conker. The studio they decided on to reboot the franchise was Insomniac, who had already worked on hit platformers before, and who was already working with Microsoft; however, Microsoft wanted the game out by the end of 2015, and Insomniac, wary of the shorter development cycle, declined.

This was not all the dirt that he dug up, though. For fans of Rare’s classic franchises, there may be some good news here- it appears Microsoft is looking at rebooting Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

You can check out the whole post on Reddit here for yourself, and see specifically what he said for yourself (he also shared what he alleges is an e-mail chain verifying all this). Now, the user does have a verified account (meaning he is not lying about his position within Microsoft), but as to how much of what he says you want to believe, especially given how soon plans change in this industry, is up to you.

Personally? If Microsoft would just capitalize on Rare’s IPs, I think they would go from having the weakest catalog of first party IPs in the industry to one of the strongest ones. So I hope they do it. Especially since I want to play those games.

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  • Mark

    I really hope to see Banjo at E3, and Perfect Dark at next year’s show.

    • ProjektGX

      I think we have a better chance of seeing a battletoads announcement at this years E3 instead of a Banjo one.

    • Mark

      U know what tho man, I saw BattleToads characters in some indie game Shovel something. That may be what Phil was alluding to with his shirt lol

    • ProjektGX

      I think the only reason for battletoads ending up in shovel Knights was probably because Sony got yacht club games to put kratos in shovel knight for Playstation. So I doubt all the teasing that they’ve been doing since November has anything to do with shovel knight add-ons.

    • Mark

      U give me hope!

    • ProjektGX


  • 00411392

    This seems like bitter sweet news. Remember how awesome it was to hear Banjo and Kazooie were coming back for the 360 and we got Nut&Blots instead?

    To be fair, though, Insomnisac did a decent job with Sunset Overdrive and maybe Mircosoft as learned from past mistakes (Famous Last Words)

    I’ll give them one last chance. But if they pull another Nuts and Blots, not even Sunset 2 will bring me back, Mircosoft.


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