Fable 3 will be one of the most unique RPG’s ever

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Fable 3 brings some great new mechanics and elements to Role Playing Games.

Fable 3, developed by Lionhead Studios, was announced back in Gamescom 2009 by Peter Molyneux.

The third entry in the franchise picks up about 50 years after the events of Fable 2, Albion needs a leader, and many want the crown. In Fable 3, you will spend about half of the game trying to take the thrown and become king of Albion, by trying to assemble a revolution against the Tryant King. In order to do this, players will need to make alliances and earn support from others in order to complete this quest, and every action you take, whether it’s gathering support or uniting factions, effects your quest and once again players choose what they want to do just like in the last two games.

fable-iii (1)

A kings life isn't always fun and games

After you succeed in your quest for taking the thrown, the second half of the game begins.  The second half of the game will be about you ruling over Albion where you will live as a king; a leader who will do what ever it takes to protect your kingdom and destroy your enemies.  Helping the growth of your city will also play a major part; helping the poor and the economy, in other words- you control everything.

Molyneux sayed that there will be “several significant gameplay additions”, such as judgements,where you  decide the fate of anyone who will come before you – be a nice king and have mercy on him, perhaps even help him out, or be an evil king and send him to the duengeon or even execute him.


"Peasent, you are innocent. Chicken, you are guilty!"

Fable 3 was rumored to be one of the first big games to actually use Natal, this could be very possible since  this is an Action RPG, waving your arm to virtually slash that damn enemy should be awesome. Speaking of using Natal and the new gameplay elements, as I mentioned players will have to make judgments regarding people that come towards you. Perhaps Natal will let you actually speak to the poor little peasents that come to beg for mercy. If you have ever wanted to feel like a king, and if Fable 3 utilizes Natal succesfully, your dream will come true.

That sums it up for Fable 3, fans of the series should  definitely not miss out on this one. Fable 3  is scheduled for release in the holiday season of  2010.

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  • pspvampire

    Awesome! Sounds brilliant! But you may wanna change a few of those spelling errors.

  • Bernardo

    And exactly why will this be so unique? Taking into account the past 2 Fables, I’d say it’s rather unlikely. Plus, Peter Molyneux is a twat.

  • Michael

    @ Bernardo:

    Thats exactly what a PS3 fan would say. You guys crack me up. Always trying to take cheap shots at the 360 or their games because your console is in last place and you cant do anything about it. Fable is a great series and so much fun to play. Sure the previous games were alittle over-hyped before its release, but so are so many other games before release. Peter M. is a genius and Ill play any game he touches. Sure his ideas might come off half baked at times, but at least hes trying to innovate. I give credit to those who at the least try. I cant wait for Fable 3 and I hope it actually does release in 2010. I just have this gut feeling it wont make 2010 since they haven’t been talking too much about it, but who knows.

  • Xbot

    Yeah like we haven’t heard this before.

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  • Guy

    What’s the point of this “article”? Bringing up little tidbits of information that is already about 3 months old?

  • Eric

    Where did Bernardo say he was a ps3 fan? Anyways, I am an xbox 360 owner, and I would have to say that this game will be overhyped, and a complete let down like the original two, since based on previous experiences,Peter M, always overhypes the kind of innovations he will make, and then half delivers with content that is not new at all. Fable 1 talked all about how much control and choices you will have, and how much customization you will have. When Morrowind had more choices, Fallout 2 had more choices, Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, amd a dozen other games had better choice structure, more customization, and more freedom in the game. The Fable games are just linear hack n slash action rpgs, with a simplified dumbed set of skills and progression system, so dumb kids will be able to understand it. Fable 2 didn’t deliver on half of the hyped up combat mechanics, and this will be the same. You will do some stupid missions for some random people, and depending on your alignment they will support you. You will inevitably get the support and become king, and then it will be all about a or b choices while your king.

    This is not unique, Daniel, I would recomend you play some other RPGs and video games, before you go off talking about how revolutionary and unique this will be. How unique is a game that you cant control what you look like, has a limited number of skills, a linear world, a simplified combat system, with a simple good/bad choice structure that has no real and defining change to the world, other than a few points? Its not, it will be same old same old.

  • Musser64

    Turned out terrible, way to easy.


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