Fallout 4: 10 Improvements We Want To See

This is how Bethesda can nail it with Fallout 4.

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Now that the heat from Skyrim has all but died out and Bethesda is no longer making DLC for the game, people have started asking “What about Fallout 4?” The Fallout series has a long history of great game play and great ideas and in a lot of ways Skyrim seemed to be the spiritual successor of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, so what now?

Bethesda keeps finding ways to improve on the open-world RPG and they’ve  made some great leaps forward in making an immersive and downright addicting worlds like Elder Scrolls and Fallout. With all they’ve been able to accomplish since Fallout 3 first hit the shelves, it’s no wonder people have started asking about the possibility of a new Fallout game. While games like New Vegas and Fallout 3 were great there are some things that people would like to see improved or added to the franchise.

A Brighter Color Palette:

Fallout 3 was great,but after awhile the same gray green color theme that is just about everywhere got pretty boring. They spiced things up nicely in New Vegas, giving us neon lights, some actual bright sun and a good desert theme. Hopefully we will see even more color in the next Fallout game. Just because the world’s been blown to smithereens doesn’t mean the colors did too.

The Fallout world would be much more engaging and satisfying to explore with more color. Let’s be honest too, most of us are bored of the drab and colorless post-apocalyptic worlds. Games like “The Last of Us” have proven that you can have a post-apocalyptic world that is quite beautiful in it’s own way; even if that means stepping over a few desiccated corpses to enjoy it.

Expanded Crafting System:

Fallout 3 had a great crafting system, with all the random junk you find in the world it was nice to be able to do more with it than simply sell if off to a vendor. Bethesda should really add to this feature or give the players ways to further modify some of the equipment they already have and are using, like being able to modify your guns or armor to have secondary or complementary abilities.

The Fallout world was littered with burned up on vehicles, machines, computers and a plethora of other pre-nuked tech. Let the player utilize more of it to construct special weapons or to modify some of the weapons they have. Being able to craft armor, clothes and maybe even traps would be great as well; especially since both Fallout 3 and New Vegas had no lack of tricks and traps laying around.

Improved Combat:

While Fallout 3 and New Vegas were some great games the combat just seemed to be missing something and wasn’t very flexible. Movement felt stiff and aiming could be a downright pain when trying to make precision shots without using the VATS system. While the VATS system was incredibly fun to use and helped to shower the world with gory-glory, it felt like the player had to use it to get the best experience out of combat and sometimes to even survive at all.

It would still be great to have the VATS mechanic in Fallout 4, and I am sure Bethesda has every intention of keeping in, but why not give the players better gun-play while they are at it too? Let us use VATS when it’s necessary or when we feel like. VATS is a blast and it really adds a lot of extra style to combat, but it would be great to go without it  and just run ‘n’ gun instead of having to simply rely on it for survival.

While they are at it, how about using those finisher melee attacks that we had in Skyrim? There are some great melee option and it is incredibly effective. The problem with it was that it became a bit boring after awhile. This is something that could be paired really well with the VATS system for really awesome finishing attacks and one-hit kills. Including the option for a shield would be nice too. There are plenty of improvements that could be made to the combat system in the next Fallout game.

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  • Yannis

    Ok, will agree with all the points but one. Brighter color palette… for real now? This is post apocalyptia and Bethesda NAILED the colors in Fallout 3…

    • Dustin Bivins

      I thought this was iffy too. The colors fit the tone of the game and is exactly what Bethesda is trying to do. Skyrim’s landscape was beautiful, but so was Fallout’s in its own way, the waste shows what humanity is capable of and the effects of a nuclear war.

  • Diedeldom

    Less bugs, or bugs that eventualy gets fixed would benefit Fallout 4 very good. Also no on MMO. If Fallout goes MMO I will not even buy it even if all the others have my all time fave. Why? Becouse I like the solitude of the game, Trolls, Elitists and random gankers will destroy it soon enough.

  • Pickley

    Worst list of suggestions *ever*. These are all things that the meat-heads at bethesda were obviously already going to do. Here’s an actual one: Hire more than a handful of extremely bad voice actors to voice out thousands of NPCs. Want another? Don’t completely rip off whatever fantasy genre is currently popular the way you did with oblivion, (lord of the rings), and skyrim, (game of thrones). Last actual suggestion: Hire someone who can actually write a gripping story- every bethesda made plot line is like a B-movie ripoff of the aforementioned popular fantasy shows/movies. Hire an *actual* writer and let them take their time, it will make something completely worth the wait.

    (I realize this comment is more Elder scrolls based, but the same is true for fallout 3. They just ripped off every plot and location from F1 and F2 and proceeded to “gerrymander” on many other aspects of fallout. swamplurks? the totally unfearsome and kind of organized legion? garbage.)

  • Vincent Maldia

    remove some of the traces of consolitis like only 8 quick slots.

  • Dustin Bivins

    maybe addition of vehicles? at least to travel to different cities. I had been considering that before I read this article

    • psychonaute

      You could have a car in Fallout 2…….. Ah god, I miss those days when we still had actual Fallout games

  • Dustin Bivins
  • eviltaco

    “Pittsburgh”. There’s an H there.

    Also, you totally could go to Pittsburgh in fallout. The Pitt DLC was probably one of the cooler parts about the game. You could also go to Alaska, technically.

  • showup

    Larger scale battles? What are you retarded? That’s what the ENDINGs are for. A Massive Army vs. Army battle. Good/Evil/ or W/E you pick your side.

  • Mark Platten

    Did you actually play fallout New Vegas before you wrote this article?
    You want to be able to use the junk you find rather than just sell the, erm did you not try the campsites or workbenches?
    Did you not buy the mods and add them to weapons?

  • Mark Platten

    Wow I am tired, lack of punctuation and spelling mistakes lol.


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