Fallout 4: 14.5 Percent Steam Players Still in Vault 111

Some PC players have yet to leave the comforts of the Vault.

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Fallout 4 has been quite the success for Bethesda Softworks. The company shipped 12 million units of the game to retailers on launch day and sold 1.87 million copies digitally, of which 1.2 million copies were through Steam.

How hilarious is it then that a small percentage of players have yet to actually leave Vault 111 where the game initially begins. This was revealed through global Steam Achievements, indicating which players earned the “War Never Changes” Achievement among the player base that owns the game. As it turns out, only 85.5 percent have actually begun their traipse into the Wasteland.

There could be a multitude of reasons why some players are still stuck in the Vault, including work and spending way too many hours customizing their characters (yes, plural, since you can modify your spouse in the game as well). How has Fallout 4 been treating you so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more information.


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  • me

    I would wager the bulk of those are having hardware issues.

  • northwoods1986

    I would say half (5-7%) is hardware issues, a very small percent maybe 1% or 2% just haven’t played it yet due to work or whatnot (maybe to avoid launch bugs?), and the rest are people who purchase games on steam and never play them…

    I saw this one guy who had 1400 games on his steam account and about 95% of them he had never installed or played. o.O don’t ask me why, but people do this.

  • Me not you

    I never got the achievement even though I left the vault…

  • aroth

    I’ve had a lot of fun wandering around and exploring random places. Went into a polymer lab and got recruited as a researcher and came out with a fancy new piece of power armor. Climbed up the ruins of an old skyscraper filled with supermutants to see what they were guarding, found an accessway up to the old superhighway, sniped some raiders from up high. Went into the CIT building to find some more cool tech, instead walked into the middle of a firefight between supermutants and synths, killed both sides and took their stuff, etc..

    Though there are plenty of gripes to be had:

    1. Fallout 4 on max detail doesn’t even compare graphically to The Witcher 3 on max detail. The characters models are well-done, but most of the in-game scenery and structures feel decidedly low-detail.

    2. You get power armor very early on (and in my case, basically by accident). But it needs rapidly-depleting fusion cores in order to work. The first point removed any incentive I might have had to deal with the BoS (and a lot of the allure of having power armor, because it was so easy to get). The second means that I pretty much ignore the power armor anyways because I can’t be bothered with trying to manage the fusion core situation. And also directly contradicts established lore, which says that power-armor has an internal powersupply that’s good for years (if not decades) at a time. Fusion cores are complete nonsense.

    3. The primary storyline isn’t really that motivating. For me what kills it is that you get frozen again after witnessing the kidnapping/murder. And who’s to say how much time elapsed during the second round of cryosleep? It’s entirely possible that everyone involved is long dead. Probably by advancing the main plotline you learn that’s not the case; but my character doesn’t want to know about that and tends to assume “they’re probably all dead anyways, so I should just wander and explore and survive”.

    4. I spend more time looking for and picking up trash than weapons, armor, or anything else really. My first 10 hours gameplay made me feel like I was playing a garbage-man simulator. And even now that I’ve got a better feel for what is and isn’t “valuable” trash, I still feel like there’s never enough of it.

    5. Much of your character dialog seems wooden and poorly-written, especially compared to previous Fallout titles. The NPC dialog tends to be better, but again both really fall flat when compared to the writing in TW3.

  • Not Mr. Pickels

    This game is hoot…GOTY for sure.

  • Daniel T. Callahan

    Ugh what a terrible article. Do a modicum of research; a great deal of players used VPN’s to get their copy of the game before regional release which means they obtained it before achievements were released in their location.

    Why has “journalism” because such complete and utter worthless click-baity trash. It’s like you people get paid to do literally nothing. What ever happened to research and integrity?

    • L the Master Otaku

      So you want journalists to start doing research on how many people illegally buy games on Steam from other regions so Steam starts flagging accounts for abuse. Good job. I have nothing against people doing this, but this is literally what will lead from this if you had it your way.

  • Wandris

    Vaulllt is home, vault is liffe.

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