Fallout 4: Bioware’s Creative Director Takes Shot At Game’s Graphics

Bioware seems to have officially fired a shot across the bow of Bethesda

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You know how you can tell that E3 2015 is getting really close? Because people who normally don’t take shots at rival companies, are starting to take shot at rival companies and doing so in the most public way possible. This was underlined earlier this week when Bioware’s creative director Alistair McNally made it known to the entire Twitterverse that he wasn’t that impressed with the graphical representation shown off in the new Fallout 4 trailer.

McNally isn’t alone in his lack of esteem for the video. Despite the fact that Bethesda, the makers of the new installation are claiming the graphics for Fallout 4 are simply too good to be put on an Xbox 360 or a PS3, others claim they aren’t anywhere near the leap up from the previous version they were promised. The apparent shot across the bow from McNally at Bethesda came when a Twitter user made the comment that he wanted to find a link for the Fallout 4 trailer.

In response to the request, McNally replied that the user could just, “look at an old Fallout3 trailer..” This kind of comment just doesn’t happen all that often when talking about the big studios. Mainly because there’s a good chance that the people who work at those studios might eventually work together on some project in the future. That could mean that McNally is genuinely disappointed at the look because he too wanted to see a prettier game. It’s more likely the claws are coming out heading into E3, considering Bioware is going to have a tough time beating the excitement surrounding Fallout 4.

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  • d0x360

    That’s what happens when you run on a 15 year old buggy engine like gamebryo….Bethesda you are cheap!

    • Mark

      Thank u dude. Skyrim arguably looks better than F4, by the same studio, same open world genre. But it’s some kind of taboo to mention the underwhelming graphics. No one expected CGI, but certainly something better than Skyrim lol. It doesn’t mean the game’ll suck tho.

      With that said;

      1) I disagree with Oliver in that BioWare feels they’ll get overshadowed, so they’re taking shots. Nah they have a large base, they’re not worried.

      2) I think McNally stupidly gave people unnecessary fuel to hate on ME now..

    • d0x360

      mark it has absolutely nothing to do with the graphics or the fidelity. it has everything to do with the bugs the horrible AI the load times and the general jankiness of the game I could care less if the graphics look as real as real can be but when you using an engine that is broken at a fundamental level the game is broken a fundamental level. it’s that simple keep using the same 15 year old engine and you will feel like you’re playing the same 15 year old games rehashed over and over and over why do you think the combat feel so terrible

    • Mark

      I feel u, that’s theee most important thing is smooth gameplay, few bugs. But I still feel this sh*t could atleast look better than Skyrim. I’m sure the gameplay will be flat out sick (the design & mechanics), but they gotta give me sumthin to look @, I mean dayum lol.

      Lemme ask u something; why does it seem like Elder Scrolls have always had better graphics than Fallout? Imo, Oblivion looked better than Fallout 3. It’s like Bethesda chooses this. What do u think?

    • d0x360

      Elder scrolls is their big money maker. Fallout is kind of a test bed for new code ideas and engine tweaks then they go all out with elder scrolls title’s…. Plus they sell ALOT more.

    • CaligulasRuin

      Link to proof that this is the same engine as FO3/NV?

  • asm123

    Ok so the graphics look good enough to me. I’ve replayed new vegas a bunch of times and the reason why is because of the great immersion it creates not the stellar graphics. If fallout 4 can touch that it will be well worth it even if it’s not the greatest graphics. BTW bioware has no reason to say crap as bethesda is actually coming out with a sequel to one of its most compelling games even if it’s a few years later than I would have liked while on the other hand I’m still waiting for my jade empire 2 from bioware.


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