Fallout 4: Does It Have The Potential To Beat GTA5’s Sales?

Would the sales be as high as Rockstar’s magnum opus?

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So lets talk money. Grand Theft Auto destroyed all expectations for game sales when it launched back in 2013. So for the sake of conversation, how well would Fallout 4 do in the sales department? Not too well I fear. There is of course a huge fan base for Fallout, it’s a long running series with a deep history of lore and an endless amount of space for expansion. But compare Fallout to The Elder Scrolls. For the sake of example, we’re using Fallout 3 because it was generally better received than New Vegas.

Fallout 3 sold somewhere in the region of 4.5 million copies in the first 3 months it was available. Skyrim fared much better with nearly 3.5 million copies in just two days. Grand Theft Auto V however, sold 11.21 million copies…in just 24 hours.

You see, while the Fallout community is a very devoted and vocal community, in the grand scheme of things it’s a somewhat small community. You need only look at the recent trend in games sales to see that Fallout 4, if it is indeed coming out any time soon, would be in trouble straight out the of the gate. It would need a strong marketing campaign, it would need to appeal to gamers that aren’t already invested in the series and it needs to look like the best thing since sliced bread.

The problem then arises when you think of what Fallout fundamentally is. It’s a long, somewhat deep, heavily stylised role playing game. While one could argue that the same could be said of games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, both of these titles can be easily marketed as action titles. Fallout doesn’t really have that luxury as combat makes up maybe 30 to 40% of gameplay.

So while this is my opinion, I invite you to voice your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  • Damon Tarklin

    The “trend in game sales” was due to the fact that 2014 was one of the worst year’s in gaming history.

    This next generation will be in full force by the time Fall 2015 rolls around. Arkham Knight, Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid 5, No Man’s Sky will all be out by then.

    I don’t think it will do GTA5 numbers, but it will do very well. Fallout 4 will have a big hook to draw in gamers. No matter what else they do you know that Todd Howard is going to do something to make that game stand out amongst the crowd. It will do just fine. The only real problem is the install base for next gen.

    • Wacky Wookie

      I’m glad somebody else thinks 2014 was the worst year in gaming history… certainly for PC games. My pet theory is that this “Paid Early Access” business model has basically killed the PC gaming industry.

      Why spend 3 years and $60m dollars making a polished finished game? Just create a basic sandbox, a few items and of course zombies! – charge almost full triple A title price, and then do a runner. I think it’s quite telling when companies like Sony are jumping on the Early Access bandwagon.

      Anyway, back to Fallout 4. Bethesda are said to be holding a press conference at E3 2015. Maybe there will be an announcement 😀

  • verlalachenmann

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  • Galaxy News Radio

    you can’t beat a game like GTA unfortunately. Fallout is my favourite game series hands down and i don’t much care for GTA, but GTA appeals to non typical gamers. I have friends who never game except for GTA and occasionally FIFA. GTA is basically a game that everyone plays, playing it doesn’t really define you as a gamer because its GTA. People who think gaming is for nerds still who i know play GTA ironically because its GTA.

  • Satish Singhi

    I think GTA is nothing compared to FO3 and NV alone. The concept of “go wherever you want and do whatever you want” works so much better in FO than any other. The scope of doing things is so overwhelming compared to GTA. What can u do in GTA – fly jets, choppers, driver cars, kill people get chased by cops. Can you enter whichever building you want? Can you pickup whatever you find on road? Can you barter?/Can you craft? Do you have SPECIAL? I mean GTA may have more fans coz it has been there as an open world action/rpg for a much longer time than FO. In fact the real journey started only with FO 3 in 2008. And like everyone else says, its not something everyone would enjoy given the variety it has. You will play FO with more sense of responsibility but GTA is like just plug and play – pass time. FO is a class act, GTA is good but isn’t so deep


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