Fallout 4: Fast Travel, Walk & Talk, Auto Drinking and Eating

Looking at some interesting additions that could improve the next Fallout.

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Fallout Online

Though Fallout 3 was an amazing game, it had its problems. And we’re not even talking about the various bugs it shipped with – we’re talking about gameplay features that could’ve been made better and which should be seen in Fallout 4.

For example, when conversing with followers, it would be great if you could walk and talk at the same time, similar to the random conversations between team-mates in Dragon Age. In Fallout 3, one has to stand still and listen to the stories.

An option between either standing around and talking or just talking while on the run would be a nice addition. Another most sought after addition is Fast Travel – or at least, a seamless method that allows you to reach home without multiple loading screens or plot annoyances. Finally, the ability to automatically consume food and water in Hardcore mode – allowing for choices of food items – would make the process all the more intuitive.

What kind of changes and improvements would you like to see in Fallout 4? Let us know below.

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  • Chunkmonkey

    I would like to see more pet followers available…perhaps a deathclaw or some sort of glowing ghoul dog would be nice!!! Also how bout a ghoul horse or some other weird mutation as a mount or perhaps a bike or enclave copter or vehicle! ;))

    • ThreeSuperMutants

      saw the enclave use deathclaws as pets in fallout 3. I think it’d be realistic to do so in the new one. new mutations would be nice to see.

  • fwelch

    I would like to see a anti-gravity platform for the loner to use instead of walking all the time. It could be updated with weapons and more power. This would help the loner get over dangerous areas. He could build it from parts just laying around.

    • fwelch

      The loner could fly from area to area. But she/he would have to purchase or find the fuel. Could add armor as well.

    • ThreeSuperMutants

      You can fast travel between places you’ve been. Kind of makes the platform useless.

    • fwelch

      This is not just to travel fast. One would like to see a platform to travel and fight on as well Watch the people on the ground taking time to go to sites.

    • brandon cherry

      Possibly the most stupidest request I’ve seen here and stop sounding like a robot. all in all seriousness it ruins the game’s atmospheric and realism aspects and not to mention it would be incredibly out of place I don’t know if you got that idea from a Sunday morning kids show or some weird anime, the only way I would like to see it is in a mod so I don’t have to have the burden of knowing something that stupid was added by the developers and approved of.

  • Dino Nucci

    Easy … DEDICATED Map and Inventory buttons.

    • ThreeSuperMutants

      They already have inventory buttons, called hotkey, press LB while in the menu selected on the item you want to hotkey and put it in a slot on the D-pad. (at least for xbox360 version)

  • Dino Nucci

    Use-based / experience-based skill progression. If you kill 23185039457 things with a Riot Shotgun, you should earn a lil bit of weapons skill points

  • ssd4

    i would love a more indepth realistic mode. like that of fallout 3 reborn mod on the pc. guns doing damage based on caliber. if they have a full face helmet like a power armor helmet then it should stop some rounds. but taking a sniper rifle round with biker goggles on is just annoying. also if your character talked. that would be awesome.

  • Plawkes

    moving while having a conversation? while I might normally chide this opinion, its mild compared to some of the other idiotic demands that I see others posting. why cant people just stfu and enjoy the game that’s going to be released. if you want something specific from a game, go buy the original game that you found it in and play IT instead. but stop trying to insert it into every other game that you play. Fallout is historic to many gamers and we really don’t want you twitch-kiddies trying to ruin it by making sure your flavor of lollipop is included.

    • ThreeSuperMutants

      lol Fallout is historic to many gamers, most of the comments here are either things Fallout has done before or just graphics being improved overall. I know readings hard but these aren’t demands, just stuff we’d like to see in it again and in some cases on a larger scale-some of which has already been done by other games which we allude to, to help get our point across. Obviously that was lost on you, hopefully you enjoy the game that’ll be improved upon by adding things done by other games already and cursing us all for merely pointing out that Fallout has already done them before (on a smaller scale) and should do them on a larger scale.
      Have a donut, it’s a circle.

    • brandon cherry

      EXACTLY someone that’s smart enough to know that most of these request are pure bullshit. Bethesda my as well have fallout take place in the 1800s. Plus a lot of these request are childish and pure stupid, like that guy wanting a hoverboard in fallout 4 or the guy wanting to be able to own a mansion with a butler and such. If anything I can only see fallout taking some ideas from movies like Mad Max (they already did) which wouldn’t be that bad IF it didn’t became a big aspect of the game.

    • ThreeSuperMutants

      lol when this guy posted the ideas out there were:
      Weapon, armor, meds, tools manufacturing/creation.
      Possibility of building ones own house (they already allow you to customize it in Fallout 3 and you have a butler Mr. Gutsy)
      Improved dialogue options
      Moving while talking to people
      Improved firing system outside of VATS (they already improved on it from Fallout 3 to FNV so another improvement going into Fallout 4 is hardly unrealistic)
      You shouldn’t be fooled into thinking these posts are ordered in the time they were posted. I’ve tried to figure it out and the best way to describe it is some 1 year old kid throwing a rock at a paper card pyramid.
      These are idea’s, maybe a bit over the top and implausible in regards to gameplay but hardly warranting the likes of you to make comments about their intelligence.

  • fwelch

    One would like to see a platform to go from place to place without traveling fast. A anti-gravity platform to watch those below. Traveling fast doesn’t let one do that. You go from A. to B. Nothing in between.

    One might call it an explorer anti-gravity machine. One can still walk, travel fast, or take the machine. The machine could be flown over dangerous places and one could still fight from it as well. You wouldn’t have the machine in the beginning.

    When you go for scrap you would locate parts and build it as time goes on. It could be earned in later parts of the story.

    • ThreeSuperMutants

      That might take away on the aspect of random occurences with traders or people. Even damage the combat system as it’d make it a whole lot harder to die (run away from combat), even a regular vehicle would do that.
      Not saying it’s not cool, but maybe not fallout material for the main game-DLC that is on some alien planet…maybe.

    • brandon cherry

      Go play Halo or wait for Titanfall to come out, I don’t wan’t that crap in my game.

    • ThreeSuperMutants

      Lol yes brandon cherry, this game is all yours.
      Grow an imagination or have a donut.

  • Bob Leonard

    I’d like to see better dialog; some really memorable quotes about loneliness and despair. They should consider borrowing from the Twilight Zone. I always thought that a particular line from “Time enough at last” would be fantastic line for the beginning of the game.

    Everybody’s dead but me. I’m alive. Why am I alive? I was right there in the middle of the…the vault. That’s it, I was down in the vault. That’s why I’m alive, I was down in the vault…The thing of it is, though…The thing of it is: I’m not all sure that I want to be alive.

    I also think a quest following the plot of “The Old Man in the Cave” would be awesome.

    • ThreeSuperMutants

      Not sure I agree with putting that kind of stuff directly into the game. Fallout always has a great amount of easter eggs referencing to people, games, movies, etc and occasionally the rediculously over the top quests but to have it part of the opening or main story wouldn’t be advisable. You’d pretty much lock yourself into some big copyright lawsuit.

  • brandon cherry

    I’d rather not have those things. Automatically eating food would just destroy the purpose of eating and not to mention that say your character wasn’t that hungry but could eat, he would probably eat some sort of emergency ration that’s used on the verge of starvation, not to mention you only have to tap a few buttons to eat something in the fallout world, and if your to lazy to do that well than to bad. Multiplayer would also be a bad idea because frankly a lot of players can easily be overpowered in early levels if they know where everything is (in fallout 3 I got T-51B and Experimental MIRV at level 10) Co-op would be the same thing. And if you were to have a character history I’d say base it around your perks. If you were to choose a perk like lady killer than maybe some lady’s husband that you were with in the past tries to find you and kill you or if you had a perk that goes towards your science skills or you have a cybernetic perk than your character originated from a scientific community (the character can make references of this in passing when talking to NPCs etc.) I also wouldn’t wan’t a full blown romance with your character and someone else or at least make it so it isn’t part of the main plot of the game, at best I wouldn’t mind a romance theme like in skyrim where you can be with someone who is available or like the relationship between the Dragonborn and Serena where it’s suggested they both have feelings for each other but are unable to pursue it because for obvious reasons. And if cars were to return I would only like maybe something along the lines of a public transport like the player can hitch a ride on a convoy of jury-rigged cars and such to whatever destination they are heading to. But something I would like is when weapons degrade you can actually see it degrade like maybe it gets rusty or parts start hanging off and with scratches on it like in Farcry 2. But one thing I didn’t really like is how your player is almighty powerful or at least shown as the world’s problem solver I would rather have him on level with most wasteland explorers and not being able to singlehandedly take on Deathclaws and Enclave soldiers, so all i’m saying is players would actually have to use tactics and skill to take out tough enemies and groups instead of blind firing with the fastest gun they find. I would also like attachments to have more depth instead of something that isn’t really shown to be important like how Fallout New Vegas did and possibly make it so there are multiple attachments the player can get but they can’t put all of them on (like they can either have the laser sight or the flashlight, holographic scope or reflex sight etc.).

    • ThreeSuperMutants

      Joeys quote was more along the lines of being able to build things to a more complicated idea, to a degree have vehicles as well. Way to pay attention lol (not a crime for thinking the article was written by Joey).
      If you ever bothered to crank up the difficulty on FNV before you got a killing skill (guns, energy weapons, etc) above 80 you’d know you’re the farthest thing from invincible. And if you do it after 80 you stand an even chance if you suprise it from a very long way away lol. But if you play on average difficulty the game throws minimal challenge at you to help emphasize the story. Got to love the options.
      Weapons attachments is a good part though that’d fall under a hopefully improved weapons crafting odule in the cgame. Still good idea though but you kind of blew it with only certain weapons have have laser sight, flashlight, etc. because you’re not going to throw a laser sight on a shishkebab or a fat man, they do a pretty good job of making sure the weapons make sense.

  • Notyert

    Joey’s got the right idea man because when we are done with the game what the heck are we supposed to do, nothing. I want to be able to build stuff for my house, you know and for my after the war life that is what I am talkin about man. More freedoms, more problems to deal with, more adventure. That is what I am talkin about give it up for Joey he knows whqt we all wqnt man.

  • tiln

    more randoms events and factions that u can join to. Factions should have allies and opposition. More people in the wasteland would be great


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