Fallout 4: Geoff Keighley Explains Bethesda’s Absence At The Game Awards

Keighley takes to Reddit in self defence.

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For the sake of transparency, as someone that has worked in many facets of media, I do quite like Geoff Keighley and his efforts in popularizing gaming and making it bigger than it already is. But with that being said, I did not enjoy The Game Awards 2014. It was better than the 2013 VGX show, don’t get me wrong. But being “better than”, doesn’t inherently make it good. That Zelda reveal was decent though. And it did pull in 1.93 million viewers.

Now, Geoff took to Reddit roughly a day ago for an AMA in which he explained the lack of any new Bethesda games at The Game Awards, despite building hype for a possible announcement or a reveal event in the future. On the AMA he said “Not sure there is a lot to clarify, I meet with publishers and developers all the time to catch-up and plan things. I never said we were planning anything specifically for The Game Awards, in fact I think when I put out that tweet I hadn’t even announced the show yet. Of course I ask Bethesda (just like every other publisher) about showcasing new content at the awards but timing didn’t work out for them.”

True enough, he didn’t say they were planning something for The Game Awards, but he knew full well that he was making vague implications. Regardless our long wait for an official Fallout 4 announcement continues.What are your thoughts on the persisting silence of Bethesda regarding Fallout 4?


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  • Huynh Nhut Phi

    Fallout 4 is good game. I like it.

    Thanks for article.

  • Schultz

    Let them stay silent. It’s agonizing having a game you really desire be announced/teased, and then have to wait a year or more for it to come out.
    I would bet they ARE working on Fallout4 now, but not enough finished specifically for a reveal…which they are also probably working on. For sure 2015 E3 we’ll see something – it could be Fallout4 will release winter 2015 in time for the holidays. I’d bet on it. Can’t wait (lol).

    • Dou Chebag

      Most said the same about E3 2014. They were very certain. And the next E3 is only 6 months away. I have my doubts. High doubts.

    • Shocker

      Do you mean to imply that when they do announce it, it won’t be at least another year til it’s released? I reckon it’s ages til an announcement, and ages more til release

    • Alex James Ramos

      It’s so much better for them to actually say ” hey we are working on this game, it should be released in 2016 so don’t give up hope ” Instead of them basically ignoring it.

    • Dou Chebag

      I know, right? The only competition for Fallout is Elder Scrolls, so it’s not like they have anything to worry about. A legal monopoly. Announce it. Discuss it. No reason not to.

  • tbss

    New Vegas felt like an expansion. Fallout 4 better be good.

  • Shocker

    My ‘thoughts on the persisting silence of Bethesda regarding Fallout 4’ is pretty well captured by this : http://www.schpunk.co.uk/bethesdas-fritzl-job-on-the-fallout-series/


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