Fallout 4 Graphics Comparison With Fallout 3 Shows Us Just How Far The Graphics Have Come

So for those of you who claim it looks just like an uprezzed Fallout 3, this should come as a reality check.

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Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was, finally, revealed last week, silencing almost a decade’s worth of anticipation and yearning for a follow up from the internet. The game’s reveal was met with the kind of hype and excitement that you would expect, but, as can almost be expected at this point, also a lot of whining about how it looks. In this case, people kept going on and on and on about how the game looked like a glorified PS3 and Xbox 360 game- and sure, I can agree that from a technical standpoint, it’s nothing impressive.

What I cannot agree with is the non ironic hyperbole expressed by so many to the effect of Fallout 4 looking about as good as an uprezzed Fallout 3, when that is objectively false. And so, especially for those people, this video that compares the graphics of Fallout 3 and 4 should come as a reality check. For others, well, they will just appreciate the graphics even more, I guess.

Fallout 4 was announced last week for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We don’t have a release date yet, though popular speculation pegs it at October of this year. Expect official details at E3, starting this Sunday. Stay tuned.

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  • Riggerto

    I think a lot of games don’t look as good as we “remember” them.

    I’ve been holding off playing a couple of new release games at the moment while I wait for my new monitor to arrive, in the meantime I’ve been going through some of my last gen games.

    It’s amazing looking at these last gen titles now and being able to immediately notice things like shadows missing under things or washed out textures, low draw distance ..etc Yet I remember playing these titles at the time thinking “Wow! How can graphics possibly get better than this!!”.

  • AgentXR1

    I think i speak for every die-hard fallout fan when i say, if you care more about graphics than the story or the content you shouldn’t be playing this game. Anyways I plan on getting my AMR and hunting deathclaws. Good Hunting Everyone!!!!

    • Ocelotty1

      Hear, Hear

  • Mark

    Well, the notion that Fallout 4 looks like a PS3 game isn’t far fetched imo. Let’s compare Skyrim to Fallout 4 instead…..hmmm. Same studio, same open world genre, just saying, it’s a VALID argument to be had there.

    • CaligulasRuin

      Yes let’s compare a completed game with 3 minutes of a pre-release trailer. While you’re at it, hows that apple compared to my orange?

    • Mark

      That makes a boatlaod of sense; Bethesda releases a trailer of in game graphics for people to get hyped. A number of people are underwhelmed by said graphics as they feel it compares to a PS3 game. Others bash them for complaining because u know, it’s only a trailer, of in-game graphics, that Bethesda was ready to show. And, the game will look 2-3x better upon release.

      That makes sense to me man, thx. All of these are apples & I don’t like some of them.

    • Termaine Jacobs


    • Mark

      C’mon man, judging ur appearance in that pic, ur grown. It ain’t that serious, I think the gameplay will be amazing. I’ll prolly wait for TES 6 tho.

  • Termaine Jacobs

    Please be this year. Please be this year. Please be this year. I want a new fallout adventure so bad!

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