Fallout 4: Is Bethesda Softworks Making an MMO?

Will Fallout go the way of The Elder Scrolls series?

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Fallout Online
It may seem far-fetched enough, especially considering that Bethesda is already working on The Elder Scrolls Online with Zenimax Online Studios, but the pieces seem to fit more or less. The question is: Is Bethesda really going to have Fallout 4, or the next game in the franchise, be an MMO?

Consider this: Bethesda wrapped up development for Skyrim with the final DLC, after which they revealed they would be moving on to a new project. Also, Bethesda purchased the full rights for a Fallout MMO from Interplay in 2012. Wouldn’t it make sense around that time to begin development for the same? And for that matter, it fits with Bethesda’s Pete Hines constantly stating that the project would take time.

It could very well be an MMO, but considering that The Elder Scrolls Online is in development and heading to consoles, does it make sense to have two MMOs? We’ll find out in the coming months – maybe even years – but would you prefer this to a true single-player sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Austin LeBlanc

    No MMO. Fallout is meant to be a single player game, don’t make it into something it shouldn’t become.

    • M$ $ony

      I agree! It doesn’t fit in the MMO genre.

    • Austoroboto

      They said that about The Elder Scrolls to, and now look where we are.

    • G-Kast

      Which was a mistake.

  • Khalkists

    I wouldn’t think it would be an MMO simply because it would be internal competition.
    Why develop a game that will compete with one you just recently released?
    Also factor in the requirements to build an MMO. The production cost is the highest amongst video games.
    Bethesda Softworks has no experience in building a large scale MMO, which once again makes less sense. They wouldn’t dedicate them to an MMO when Zenimax Online is better suited to the task.

    • Khalkists

      Scratch that. Everywhere that I put “Bethesda Softworks” I meant “Bethesda Studios”

  • Mark

    I certainly won’t be buying if it’s an MMO. They should just follow the tried and tested formula and make a good single-player game using an evolution of the Creation Engine.

  • Fabljog

    If it was a MMO (and its not) then bethesda would lose alot of money

  • Jesse-t

    Well there goes fallout. Bethesda is going to screw it up. To full of themselves to care to make a quality fallout game. R.I.P.

  • Bob

    I don’t think they will make it an mmo. I just think they didn’t want interplay to release an MMO while they released/ finished up fallout 4. They may do one as the game after fallout 4 but I believe Fallout 4 will remain single player.

  • Ocelotty1

    To quote Luke Skywalker; NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Ops31337

    No sale!

  • echica1213

    I would be down with co-op but I think MMO would be excessive.

  • I’m pretty sure they’ll make Fallout MMO at some point in the future. They have Fallout franchise, they have MMO team, why not?

    BUT! They won’t do it in the nearest future. Any MMO they make in next few years would compete with their very own ESO. This is just illogical.

    On other hand, I don’t think they’ll leave Fallout franchise for very long. So, logically, we’ll have Fallout 4 first (maybe even Fallout: New Vegas 2). And in several years they’ll announce Fallout MMO.

  • coachmc

    mmo would be pretty cool. Visit other states in the country, even other countries. The options would be endless!


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