Fallout 4 Is More Or Less Official Now, Fans Asked For Suggestions

A topic has opened up asking for “ideas and suggestions for Fallout 4”.

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A moderator on Bethesda Softworks’ forums recently compiled a topic which was to be for “ideas and suggestions for Fallout 4 so that we can keep all the discussion in one thread.” It has also been noted that “general idea/suggestion topics for a future Fallout game will either be closed, or moved to this one.”

So why is it interesting? Because in the midst of all the hype and hoopla surrounding Fallout 4, which is rumoured to be premiering in some form at E3 2013, it seems odd to have a topic whose purpose is “to discuss items you’d like to see in a future game, gameplay tweaks, quest ideas, things you hope are not in the next game and so on.

“If you want to discuss major issues, use a separate topic – such as the discussion about adding multi-player or co-op play, which already has a thread. Please search first to see if there is an active/recent thread on a particular topic.”

It’s an overall inconspicuous way of asking for fan’s feedback. And because it’s inconspicuous is why it’s suspicious. Given that E3 2013 starts tomorrow, with Microsoft’s press conference being first, what are your thoughts on the likelihood of Fallout 4 being announced? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Cornholio

    Those threads are pure speculation, and the mods there don’t have any inside information about Bethesda, and neither work for them. The only people there who work for Bethesda (or other Zenimax companies) are the admins. It isn’t odd at all, there are currently 129 threads (129 being the most recent one) about Fallout 4 suggestions and ideas, and those have been going on for some time.

    • Cornholio

      And andswering your question, the likelihood ofFallout 4 being announced on E3 is low, because it doesn’t align with Bethsda usual cycle. Maybe they will show a little teaser (like in the 2006 E3 with F3), not a huge announcement, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  • Beavis

    Ravi, Sinha, http://www.nma-fallout.com can actually fill you in better on Fallout 4 than those crazy dinosaurs at the Bethesda forums.

    • badvoodoo

      Theres like four maybe six dinosaurs out of like 50 regulars lol. Most people who call us dinosaurs are the people who prefer fallout 3 to new vegas without giving any sound reason as to why, its not really vice versa because the New Vegas fanboys usually give a paragraph or two as to their preference.

      -Bethesda Forums vet

      You should stop by, everyone on the forums makes reasonable arguments and backs up their stuff with at least a paragraph or two.


      WARNING!! The most of the moderators are assholes that’ll ban you sooner then give a fair reason as to why they did it, there is literally a big brother thing around the entire forums that is quite unpleasant. I wouldn’t make your home outside the fallout forums, just an fyi.


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