Fallout 4 Leaked Script and Development Photo Linked?

These ideas could be part of disposed assets, leading to Bethesda denying their existence.

Posted By | On 18th, May. 2014 Under News

Fallout Online

Bethesda Softworks has been on a fresh spree of Fallout 4 deniability. This is due to an alleged script and development photo that leaked which both have the words “Preston” and “Garvey” in them while showcasing a museum.

According to GameRanx, the Editor ID section in the development screen references Museum assets. The museum is apparently one of the locations in the game while Preston Garvey is some one you speak to. There’s also a reference to an Amanda Garvey in the Editor ID.

Now here’s where things get slightly confusing: While this may indicate a link between the script and photo – assuming both are indeed legit – they could also just be outdated assets and ideas. This is one reason that Bethesda could be discarding them completely and treating them as baseless. For all we know, Fallout 4 could have nothing to go with either of these things.

It’s all conjecture at this point but it’s still something compared to last year – which had less than nothing by way of details. Stay tuned for more information and leaks in the coming months and let us know what you think of all this in the comments.

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  • l;

    it is a old photo it fallse news

  • Half Life Person Guy

    Half-life 3 confirmed.

  • Carli Beniso

    It’s already confirmed that this was fake, besides, it’s not at E3. source: http://newsvine.com/_news/2014/05/19/23935815-fallout-4-not-at-e3-2014-internal-bethesda-memo-leaked

    • Moonfish

      Man, you’re definetely the author of that fake.
      The very first time that info came out was… surprisigly, from that Twitter feed : https://twitter.com/CarlieBen1/status/468343956716404736
      Isn’t it… oddly, the same name you have ?
      Oddly again, why do you post comments about it on every single blog post ? (just watched your comment history)
      Why do you even do that, is it for the 15-minutes of fame ?

  • Johnny

    half lufe 3 confurmed

  • Haha

    Posted this blog on 4chan HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your life will soon be over Ravi hahaha


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