Fallout 4 on Next Gen Consoles: What New Features Will be Added?

What will Fallout 4 feature that wasn’t possible on Fallout 3?

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Fallout Online

Fallout 4 teases have been rather common in the past few weeks, despite all indications that the recent TheSurvivor2299 site is a hoax (it’s still counting down to something though, which will expire by tonight). If Fallout 4 is revealed, will it be coming to next gen consoles or at least be optimized in some way for the PS4 and Xbox One?

If it is, it’d be interesting to see what new features are implemented that weren’t possible in Fallout 3. How about large open world cities and larger map sizes along more NPCs that behave more realistically? It would be great to see random events occur on the level of Skyrim, unto infinity if necessary (and we wouldn’t mind a ton of secret areas that need to be discovered by just running around rather than pursuing a known quest). Some vehicles would be nice too, though we won’t be picky.

But more than anything, faster load times, Bethesda. Please.

What next-gen features do you want to see in Fallout 4 that wouldn’t have been possible on Fallout 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • NeverEndingWar


  • Autowiznaz

    More realistic with a more elaborate ‘hardcore’ mode and way more houses to choose from. Also please make it where you can continue to play the game even after beating the main storyline. Add a whole lot more weapons too. Thx

  • Pussylockdown

    I have a feeling survivor2299 website is a hoax. The sit is down, forbidden from entry… Why would somebody do this?… Anyway, I want to see more guns and better combat. Like the ability to take cover and slide into cover. Also I think ammunition should be a lot harder to come by. & for the love of god, please NO CO OP!

    • The site is still working for me.

    • CJ

      ya and they just added another 12 hours to the countdown to nuclear winter after there was only 40 minutes left, and also when the day timer ran out it only reset back to 12 instead of 24, anyone else notice this?

    • Bad Habit 2112

      There’s a new message – and there have been two counters for the last 10+ days. The site now only has one because the first one expired.

      “Nuclear winter has come.”

      You people need to pay attention…

  • No DLC endings, we were pissed that Bethesda held back Broken Steel as DLC and more pissed Obsidian just repeated Fallout 3’s ending (minus the DLC add on). Stop doing it.

  • hellomikie92

    Is not a hoax its owned by Zenimax, the video game company that owns Bethesda Game Studios.


  • Ryan

    the next fallout will probably have real time weather (such as sandstorms or acid rain) and have more AI’s around the map, and the map is probably going the be a lot bigger too

  • Grim

    Add myths, secret areas, special enemies, secret content, easter eggs, random events, bigger map size, more npcs, npcs look different instead of generic copies, newer enemies, better radio stations/multiple radio stations.

  • Grim

    Also add activities like: Darts, golf, basketball, soccer/football, pool, dateable npcs, strip clubs, better gambling, watchable t.v., Brahmin/bighorner races, animal fights, humanoid cage fighting, boxing etc., better fighting styles, shooting ranges, vehicles, hunting, cooking, craftable homes, better follower interactions, dlc areas are reachable via walking there on foot an are connected to the main map instead of separate maps for each, better npc interactions, crime/punishment system, law enforcement, forest/woodlands areas, swamps, explorable mountians, canyons, really big cities, ghost towns, better consequences for actions, lots of ghouls/mutants attacking cites/seiging them, overrun areas and invasions from enemies that you fight off overtime

  • Grim

    Oh and finally alternate weather

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