Fallout 4: Revamping the Crafting System

What would it be like to transfer bonuses between equipment?

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Fallout Online
Another week and still no sign of Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 4, the follow-up to the critically and commercially Fallout 3. That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate and dream about the features it will boast. This includes an interesting addition to the crafting system, similar to The Elder Scrolls, which lets you transfer bonuses from one item to another.

An example of this could be transferring critical bonuses from an item to help stack up with others. There would need to be limitations but it allows for a nice, healthy amount of freedom when it comes to customizing your gear. It might be viewed as a realism breaking device, but considering that this is a post-apocalyptic future with mutants running around, does it really seem all that far-fetched?

What are your thoughts on Fallout 4, and what would you like to see the next game in the series feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • CD

    Fallout 4… Interesting possibilities. I’d love to see a severe graphics update without breaking the iconic feeling of it…. the fu-ugly robot unicycles comes to mind right now. Now, onto what’s important… gameplay. Bethesda should go over and look at the oblivion, skyrim, fallout 3, and fallout NV mod nexus sites and do some research on common threads between them. Certain mods that turns off or on common features in the games no matter the title. I’d love to see more control over the game’s mechanics built into the game. It’s the first thing we look for mods to do. To be able to take control over your level of realism, difficulty, and experience in the game and tailor it to your own play-style would give fallout 4 an edge over the entire market. The marketing would be so simple that it’s laughable. “Fallout 4; play the way YOU wanna play”.

    I’d also like to experience a story into which the player has a real impact on the game world. Not just at the end, but from the very beginning. Choices that impact the lives of those around you. Your choices, good or ill, effecting the power struggles of your neighbors in a real way. Choices where there isn’t a clear cut “right” or “wrong” answer.

    An updated game world with unique and in-depth factions that are actually able to be joined and allowed to prosper. I know the fallout titles had similar themes, but none matched the thought put into the oblivion and skyrim guilds… The guild system in TES:Skyrim is fun to play, true. Yet given the nature of the Fallout world, that general idea could be truly Epic. Combine that with elements Skyrim never saw; like choices actually having a profound effect on the game world. There could be entire factions that could cease to exist or be born into the light based on your game play. Could you imagine it? Actually having the ability to create your own faction! Either a political, indifferent, or secretive one. A faction of assassins, thieves, hunters, snipers, special forces… the possibilities are endless. Factions being sundered by stronger ones… Lawless factions existing in secret, almost untouchable, yet politically shaping the world around them.

    I could go on for days on what could make this game truly epic. I would love to see a fluid ever changing world in which your choices, action or inaction, effect the world around you for good or ill. To experience that in a game setting where I control the basic mechanics of my game experience, just like we get mods to do now, would make this game truly epic and set the mark for the future of video games.

  • m

    It would be interesting to see a non US location. Either one in Europe or even in China. This would mean that the technology would be different (less vault-tec)


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