Fallout 4 Shooting Mechanics Follow Destiny

Former Bungie employee working to tune weapons for Fallout 4.

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Plenty has been said about Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 4 but the developer has promised above all else that the general gunplay will be much better than Fallout 3, which means you can rely on your own skills to succeed instead of leaning on V.A.T.S. Bethesda actually used Bungie’s Destiny has a strong reference with former Bungie employee Josh Hamrick working as senior systems designer on Fallout 4 and being “focused intently on tuning” the game’s weapons.

As director Todd Howard told Game Informer (as per GameSpot), “The main difference in the way we develop [and other studios] is that we will develop with as many knobs as possible.

“We’re always thinking of scale. We’re not a team that is just going to make eight guns and spend forever on one gun. We knew we were going to have thousands, so we needed to develop a gun system that had all of the dials.”

And hey, even if Destiny has its problems, most everyone can agree that the shooting is fun as hell. What are your thoughts on Fallout 4 taking inspiration from the same? Let us know in the comments.

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  • TheCrawlingEye

    This is probably the single most encouraging thing I could have heard about this project. If you didn’t use VATS in Fallout 3 you were essentially wasting ammo, no matter how high your skill was with a given weapon class. This made the Fallout games of the last generation boring for me — if you’re making an action RPG, you don’t essentially turn it into a turn-based RPG in the most critical area.
    So it’s good that they’re learning from a game that got it right. Say what you will about Destiny, I defy you to find fault with the gunplay. I might actually give this one a try.

    • RobbieRowboat

      The VATS systems was great because I could role play a large scale sci-fi game but didn’t have to suffer because of my/the poor aiming on the xbox 360. Most of the games I like on the xbox are forgiving of precise control… in fact most of the popular games on the xbox like Batman, Creed, Skyrim, Fallout, HALO, MW3 have no need for aiming or auto aim. On a PC yes it’s different but I hope for the xbox they keep the VATS system. I really wasn’t a fan of Destiny – I found it to be a shallow button masher. I loved taking time in the VATS system aiming right for their ugly heads and blowing them apart… much more satisfying for me than running around frantically.

    • TheCrawlingEye

      Fair enough. I got no beef with VATS as such, I just didn’t like being penalized so heavily if I didn’t use it.


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