Fallout 4: Should Bethesda Develop A New Engine From Scratch?

A question worth asking.

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Midhrastic ENB for Fallout 3

Last weekend I asked you, “What if Bethesda’s next game is not the successor to Fallout 3”. But this time I want to know, should Bethesda develop a new engine, from the ground up, to power Fallout 4?

This is a tricky one. So, a new engine for Fallout 4 would be really a really good thing. It would be a great thing in fact. But, and it’s a big but, they certainly don’t need a new engine. Why is this you ask? As per usual, the answer is a simple one that will most likely see me on the receiving end of some insults.The PC is the factually superior system for playing games due to the sheer power that can be put out, utterly dwarfing their lesser console brethren. This, is the basis for my argument that a new engine isn’t needed.

Why do I say that? The engine that powered Skyrim was an exceptionally powerful engine that wasn’t even pushed to its limits. How do I know that? I’m a PC gamer and this is how Skyrim looks for someone who is good at installing mods.

So Fallout 4 could quite easily run on a modified version of the Creative Engine and pack a lot of graphical punch, especially given the powerful 8th generation home consoles that are available to gamers that can’t make, or don’t want to make the jump to PC. So no, Bethesda shouldn’t go about developing a new engine for Fallout. They should optimize already existing assets and work on the core of the game.

And here’s the aforementioned Fallout 3 that I play.

Fallout 3 mod

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  • Khalkists

    The important part is that they modify the engine to utilize memory more
    efficiently. Skyrim’s current engine is exceptionally poor at adding
    additional blocks of memory and isn’t particularly good for running a
    large quantity of scripts.

  • d0x360

    Without question. Every elder scrolls and fallout game since morrowwind has been made on the gamebryo engine. That engine is HORRIBLE. It is why the games are a buggy mess and the animation is awful. In fact every flaw can be traced back to that engine. Bethesda used it because it was cheap and easier to keep tweaking an engine than make a new one.

    Its time to move on. Start from scratch. Gamebryo can update to 64 bit all they want that wsimt change the fact that these engine is and always will be garbage.

  • leanton31

    Even modding has it’s limits, look at The Witcher 3’s graphics engine compare, and you will understand… It’s time for a new graphics engine… sooner or later they will need to abandon the dated gamebryo engine for a more efficient in terms of memory utilization and advanced eye candy.

  • Shane99

    I don’t really know much about gaming engines and so on but, if the do need to start from scratch, maybe that is why the game has taken so long.

    I sort of see it as a blessing in disguise. I can finish all my PS3 games that I keep buying and, by they time Fallout 4 comes, I’ll buy PS4 and Fallout 4 on the same day.

    Still cannot complete my Fallout 3 GOTY, though. Stuck in the sub-basement at Jackson Memorial. Tried everything.

  • Dou Chebag

    This is difficult to comment on. The Creation Engine is not a modified Gamebryo, though CE has it’s roots in Gamebryo. Bethsoft created it from scratch for Skyrim, but game development within it is extremely similar (no doubt by design for streamlining its developers prior experience).

    I can confirm that it is easier to create mods in the Creation Kit (CK) vs the GECK, but it is certainly still very clunky, ESPECIALLY where object refs start tallying up to crowbar your computer’s memory. And it still has that incredibly annoying NavMesh requirement. Now ingame, while it does look better, the Havok system doesnt work right. Meaning you can’t place an object and expect it to stay there. Nor can you pick up objects (via Z) and manipulate them anywhere near as well as you could in a Gamebryo based game. In fact, manual decorating is impossible because of it.

    It’s been a very long time, but I could swear I heard Bethsoft stating they were going to use the CE for F4. But that was during Skyrim development. Maybe something changed their minds because I haven’t heard Word 1 on that since.

    As a mod creator, my primary concern is that I’m provided with a kit of some kind to develop my mods, that is at least no more hairpulling than the prior kits. If whatever engine they decided on carries a nightmare mod kit… no matter how good it looks ingame, I would rather them have just used the CE so I can use the CK.

  • nspjblac

    and now we know the answer: an emphatic “YES”. the question to ask now is: “will bethseda EVER use a new engine”, not will xyz (n+1) game (i.e fallout 3, 4, 5 if you dont get my spiffy formula) use a new engine.. maybe 2020 there will be a new enigne. maybe. wouldnt bank on it

  • The problem with the engine is not ita graphical cabilities but rather how buggy it is.


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