Fallout 4: Should it Expand on Stealth Kills?

Should the next Fallout refine it’s sneaky mechanics.

Posted By | On 22nd, Sep. 2013 Under News

Fallout Online
Fallout 4 has been heavily rumoured for almost a year now, and those rumours have gone from expecting a console exclusive to possibly being the Fallout MMO that Bethesda settled with Interplay to make. However, gameplay wise, we’re still fairly unsure of what to expect. So what about improving the stealth kills system?

For one, it would be interesting to see how hiding the bodies comes into play a la Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid. Maybe eliminating enemies and finding ways to make it look like an accident? Of course, if some one sees you moving a corpse, you would be under suspicion. There could also be ways to have karma and reputation – or even being able to talk your way past certain situations – in order to get away with moving a body in plain sight.

You could also forge documents, or convince the populace of a likely suspect. What are your thoughts on the same? What other systems or features would you like to see in the game? Let us know below.

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  • Anton

    Great idea! Can’t wait for Fallout-4, probably they will make what you suggest!

  • Kacper Piecyk

    1. I’ll be really disappointed if it’s an MMO
    2. It would be great if they worked on stealth (it needs more than just polishing, that’s for sure)
    3. Seriously, I hope it’s not an MMO.

  • Tyler

    Just really want them to make the game or just hear some confirmed news on it, I am also with him just not a MMO

  • Ian Holmes

    You can already move bodies and you can get a Chinese stealth suit in fallout 3 but you have to have a DLC for it. I think the MMO would be a good idea though because you can make your own little village or a big town. You could do this by moving large items (If they stay there) to create a wall or you could take over a building. Also you could start a raiding party and steal equipment from players or go around and give players supplies.


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