Fallout 4 To Possibly Have Drug References, Rated For Violence

Some new details about the upcoming RPG.

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Fallout 4

As we get closer to the release of Fallout 4, we’re finding out all kinds of different information. Among those little tidbits is less about specific happenings inside the game and more about the kind of content we’re going to get. The famed Australian ratings board has released their official ratings for this game and there are some things we knew were going to be in there and some that are a little confusing.

Along with the actual rating there are a number of reasons for the ratings to be the way they are. The ratings board says that there is a number of instances of drug use. Drugs is an interesting addition as well. Certainly it seems as though a world that is trying to recover from the bombs dropping is going to have some seedier aspects.

We won’t know exactly what kind of drug use are in there until the game launches but it’s interesting to see just what sort of general stuff will be packed in there in order to make the world that much more realistic. The game will also have strong impact violence which is kind of expected given the series’ pedigree. While it seems like we’ve been waiting forever, the fact of the matter is the wait isn’t actually that long. Fallout 4 launches for the Xbox One, PC and PS4 on November 10.

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  • Fenrisfil

    Seriously? Have you played a Fallout game before? There are a huge amount of drugs and there always have been. Not only do you come across raiders layers with belts, tubes and needles everywhere, you can buy and take the drugs yourself and even develop addictions.

    So… yeah…. not news.

  • Valk

    Possibly drug references? Obviously… this is Fallout were talking about. That’s like saying Barack Obama is a possibly a liberal.

  • Intelligent Perspective

    lol Stimpaks, and every other Enhancing item which can cause withdrawals.
    Of course there will be drugs in this game, maybe not so obviously named COCAINE.
    gebus, I laugh at articles like this.
    Once a story breaks about a new game, every lame website takes it and copies it usually with less information. If you find out that this game will allow you to shoot up heroine and there will be graphics showing your character shooting up then post it, other wise this is more fluff.

  • Jt Graham

    Well Duhh

  • Ärmätèsz

    There has only been two Fallout games without drugs in them.

    • Grace Soriano

      There have been six as far as I know. Fallout, Fallout 2,Tactics, Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 3, and New Vegas. They ALL have drugs in them.

    • Fenrisfil

      Did BoS have anything other than Stimpaks? If you include Stimpaks and Radaway then Fallout Shelter is on the list too. I was assuming Ärmätèsz was talking about FS and BoS.

    • Ärmätèsz

      I don’t remember BoS having drugs though. Unless you count stims and super stims as drugs then every fallout game has drugs in them.

  • BloodKil

    and in further news there will be guns, radiation, and mutants in fallout.


    Thank you for tuning in, that is all.

  • Dak, thy Denim Sage

    If you play this game and never come across a thing of psycho or a raider, then I guess I’m drunk

  • Andrew Ulrich

    So it’ll be like every other Fallout game ever.

    Thanks, I guess?

  • Stadi

    Who writes theese articles? They should be banned forever…

    • Fenrisfil

      The state of modern “journalism”: When even doing as much research as typing the title of the game in to google is considered too much effort. If only it was just one guy that was that slack.

  • Someone is hiring freelance.

  • Tyler Lloyd

    So the real news is the writer of this article has never played fallout ever… Smh

  • Nothing

    I’m too addicted to ultrajet to care!

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