Fallout 4 Undergoing Polishing And Optimization, Game Is Finished From A Features Standpoint

Fallout 4 is coming in just over a month.

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Fallout 4

Back in June, there were a number of concerns about whether or not Fallout 4 was going to be done by its projected release date in November. Now it appears that all of those fears were misplaced as Bethesda has said it is almost done with the game and is just working on polishing and improving a few parts of the title. While there is a new video showing just how this game came to life, Bethesda’s Pete Hines sat down for an interview where he talked about exactly what the team is working on as the release is just a month away now.

Hines told the Examiner that it’s like there’s a ton of new stuff they need to get into the game at this point. “Right now it’s just taking all of the stuff we have and polishing it, fixing it, balancing it, optimizations and the myriad of work that goes into finishing a game. Right now it’s different challenges. At least, you’re not trying to figure out how does our combat work? Those are things that have been figured out, it’s more about the execution of that stuff to as high of a level as possible.”

Hines added that the team has been working rather hard and at this point, they know what they want to put in the game and it’s more about making sure they get everything they want in. Hines further compared what Bethesda is working on at this point, to “dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.” Fallout 4 is due out for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 10, 2015.

In the meantime check out 10 amazing facts that you may not know about Fallout 4 in the video below.

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  • SofaJockey

    Huh? “Back in June, there were a number of concerns about whether or not Fallout 4 was going to be done”. Not from anyone I was reading. In June Bethesda were saying the game was ‘basically done’ and if Bethesda were concerned, why would they have announced the game?

    • Kigerone

      Agreed. I never heard any concerns, they certainly never expressed concern, ergo, there were none.

  • Kigerone

    10 basically redundant facts that we already know and are not amazing or jaw dropping in any way, shape , or form. This new era of click baiting is sickening.

  • xevidroid

    Basically they are working on the day one patch.

  • Er

    This concerns me BIG TIME. “Getting all stuff in?” A bit late isn’t it? The game has to ship in 3 weeks, what if memory problems occur, things fall apart when they are combined, the PC can’t handle it (Arkham Knight), the PS4 disc errors.. they are gambling again, resulting in another buggy, glitchy and almost unplayable Fallout. #Bethesda

    • A Glass of Water

      Don’t worry so much. They are using their own updated engine, the creation engine, they have plenty of experience with said engine back when they were making Skyrim. I’m sure they will nail those pesky bugs in no time and make the game run smooth as silk.

  • Aggrobiscuit



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