Fallout 4: What If Bethesda Took A Turn Based RPG Approach?

What if Bethesda returned to the signature gameplay of the first two games?

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fallout 4

Aside from Half Life 3, another game that’s been hotly anticipated – even if for significantly less years than the former – is Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 4. There’s evidence the game is in development and set in Boston but that’s pretty much it. We expect there might be some news either at or after E3 2014 but it remains to be seen.

This week we speculate whether Fallout 4 could go back to the series’s root and instead of going 3D, the developers implement the isometric style. Fallout 3 has been renowned for taking the series from its isometric RPG roots into first person action RPG territory. The game’s breakout success is evidence that it worked out but what if Bethesda returned to the first and second game’s style of gameplay? It could feature the SPECIAL system (which is an acronym for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck) to define characters while emphasizing more on tactical combat, either turn based or real time.

While the first two games in the series’ history are classics, would fans go for the fourth game taking such an approach? What if it featured the best of both worlds and turned into a tactical first person action RPG? Let us know what you think in the comments.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of Fallout. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into Fallout 4, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • Courier

    I will not buy it if it goes back to the original style. .-.

    • Jimmycarrotlicker

      You and about a million other people :P(including myself)

  • liam

    They would lose fans, they would lose money, it is just not the way forward. Keep it the way it already has been in fo3 and nv.

  • Devon

    I would buy it for sure, but I feel it would be a odd direction to take the series after already doing the whole first/third person shooter thing. However I do think bethesda need to take lessons from obsidion as far as expansion of mechanics and gameplay variety. Fallout New Vegas was far superior to Fallout 3.

    But if they did fallout 4 old school style I would definitely buy it. Really looking forward to Wasteland 2 which is pretty much gonna be done the same way.

  • Tom Krager

    I think they should go all out Dayz style survival sim

    • Jimmycarrotlicker

      Why do you want bethesda to go bankrupt?

    • Tom Krager

      with the money and ppl behind the title it would be an amazing production im sure

  • Zach

    Please no! This iteration of fallout is unique BECAUSE it combines RPG and FPS elements in a better way than I think any other series out there has done. It takes the best from both genres. There’s a deep back story set in a massive world that you can actually interact with and affect. But you’re able to experience this in a first person (or third if you prefer, how many games give you that choice?) shooter style. Which, at least to me is much more engaging, and sometimes even less frustrating than turn based rpg’s. Don’t change anything, just keep doing what you’re doing Bethesda, keep improving on it and give us another epic story arc to play through! (And maybe even throw us a bone, and at least confirm its in development, even if it won’t be released for 10 years?)

    • bobbob

      When there was all that fuss around the Fallout 4 hoax near Christmas time, I took Bethesda’s relative silence on the matter to mean that it was indeed in development, and they were annoyed that a hoax had stolen their thunder…but they’re so coy about everything, you can never tell with them. Some kind of hint at E3 would certainly make my day!

  • jizzmaster_zero

    why don’t you just dump on my chest, turnbased fallout would be pretty crappy man

    • bobbob

      Do you watch AlChestBreach by any chance?

    • Jimmycarrotlicker

      Oh jesus if this happend al would be pissed

  • Alexander Audet

    Ugg i loved the originals and if i wanted to play a game “like” the originals i would just play the originals, the series needs to keep evolving. I very much dislike this divide in the fan-base between the tag-along kids who hate old things, and the hardcore old-school people. I want a fallout with the complexity and depth of the old ones, and the refinement and atmosphere of the new ones. I i want i fully realized world with deep game-play with both real time and V.A.T.S, interesting NPCs and choice driven story, but with core values of the originals.

  • Ocelotty1

    I’ve already got Wasteland 2 – so the turn based Post apocalyptic RPG’s already covered; Let’s hope Bethesda/ Zenimax don’t go down that route – I love their current approach ( I also hope they don’t mess with Oculus’s release schedule too much)

  • Logan roloblunt

    Ive been a fan of fallout sence fallout 2 came out and in my opinion if your going to change the gameplay in fallout 4 back to its original gameplay in fallout 1and 2 your just going to loose fans in my opinion please keep it like fallout 3 bethesda and i have waited many years for fallout 3 to comeout its going to be the greatest game ever made in human history

  • dylan ford

    I tried playing both Fallout 1 and 2 and couldn’t simply because I played the other two first, if they were to make a fallout game like that I definitely would not get it, hopefully they keep to the Bethesda style games which we all love.

    • Alexander Dal Bosco

      I’ve played 3 and NV, and now having loads of fun playing through Fallout 1.
      I think Fallout 1 and 2 are just dated, otherwise the playing style is still excellent and, imo, the atmosphere is better.

  • Rex

    NO NO NO NO NO! That is a terrible idea if Fallout 4 went turn based, it got it gained huge popularity and better game play with fallout 3 and New Vegas!

  • Bob

    Why can’t they do both? First work on the fps style for console and pc. Then make a turn based for pc (possible console download game just don’t see many console people buying a physical turn Based cd). But if I had to pick one version it would be the way 3 and Nv were its a lot more immersive imo (Hard to get scared in turn based game). If they match the variety to approach dialog and situations in the 4th Fallout it has a good chance to be the greatest sandbox ever.

  • Darsen

    Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad idea! Theres noway I would support that move, making Fallout 4 as a turn base RPG game would only be a mistake. Make another game based on the Fallout universe that’s okay but don’t make Fallout 4 only turn base or anything remotely like the old versions of the game. The turn that Fallout 3 took is a step forward and it should continue as such and PROGRESS. I have nothing agaist the tactical turnbase or real time gameplay but it is old school and it belongs to another era, make one for tablets and smart phones for the sake of reminiscence, fine, and I would definitly buy it, but big no no for Fallout 4 that would make me turn away for the series for sure!!!!

  • lovinfallout



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