Fallout 4: What If It Released In 2016?

Could the post-apocalyptic RPG follow up be destined for a late release?

Posted By | On 23rd, Feb. 2014 Under News

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Bethesda Softworks has been vehemently denying any details regarding Fallout 4 since the day rumours began circulating. A leaked casting call sheet did indicate that the game is in development and set in Boston, but Bethesda isn’t ready to share any new information as of yet.

Which leads to the obvious question: Can we deal with no Fallout 4 information this year and maybe some details in 2015 which eventually lead to it being released in 2016?

As of now, one of the few games we know we won’t be seeing until then is the next Gears of War. The announcement of Microsoft purchasing the rights from Epic Games was massive enough…and the developer went back into lockdown mode, to await the right time to reveal something.

The same could very well be true of Fallout 4, except that Bethesda doesn’t want the announcement to overshadow its upcoming titles like The Elder Scrolls Online.

It’ll be interesting when Fallout 4 is eventually announced – because, hey, maybe Half Life 3 will be along for the ride, right? – but it’s obvious that it won’t be any time soon. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Wyatt

    I would bet any amount of money it gets announced this year and released next year. 2016 is way too far off.

  • USMCHonor

    God I want fallout 4… Honestly.. I’d buy a “next Gen” system just to play it… Or just use my PC…

  • Deric Anthony
  • Nick

    I’m betting on a 2015 release for Fallout and a 2017 for TES 6

    • Beare

      That would be perfect timing. Dragon Age 3 Fall 2014, Mass Effect 4 around March/April 2015, then Fallout 4 Fall 2015.

  • scott williams

    I got sick of all the messing around and have stopped buying Bethesda games. til they release fallout 4 they can kiss my butt im not buying anything from them unless its used and at about 15 bucks.

  • MrMidstream

    Fallout 4, Mass Effect 4, Half Life 3 (hopefully), Dead Space 4 (hopefully), Evil Within, Star Citizen, Witcher 3. Looks like a pretty exciting time for gaming!

  • Beare

    Only 8 months till Dragon Age 3; the first next gen RPG. Hopefully the dominoes start falling soon after. Jonesing for a new RPG and not buying PS4 till then. Take my money Bioware, take my money Bethesda.

  • truth

    2016?!?! You shut your face hole. I don’t need to hear that kind of talk.

  • Justin

    It’s messed up that they even made elder scrolls online before fallout 4. They just finished Skyrim it was tome for a new fallout game not 2 elder scrolls in a row


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