Fallout 4: What if it Was Similar to Fallout 1/2?

Interested in a time warp or content for more of the same?

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Fallout_Power Armour

We know that Fallout 4 is in development by Bethesda Softworks, as the recently leaked internal casting documents have revealed that the game will be set in Boston. This means that it will be continuing the trend set by Fallout 3, which means it’ll likely be a third/first person style, open world RPG in the vein of The Elder Scrolls but with more power armour and post apocalyptic-shenanigans.

However, what if Bethesda suddenly decided to go back to the old style of gameplay seen in Fallout 1 & 2? What if the developer opted for an isometric perspective, a traditional turn-based/real-time battle system and a 2D art style? It’s more than likely we’d have 3D models rather than 2D sprites but overall, it would be something akin to the old-school games.

It of course won’t happen, since Bethesda saw excellent sales with Fallout 3 and will obviously continue with the same style of gameplay. Nonetheless, what are your thoughts on what the next Fallout could be like? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Tyler Durden

    That would really suck, but I guess it could appeal to certain people because people who liked the 1st and 2nd Fallout games didn’t like the 3rd and New Vegas so much, and visa versa

    • sdgdsg

      idk about you i like em all and there are plenty of others

  • pip2000

    Personally I’d like to see Fallout game that used sprites but at 1080p. Then they’d have the budget to create a game with 10x the content of Baldur’s Gate 2. With games like Diablo you get the ability to zoom in and out and animation is smooter. Woop dee doo. With he memory size of even the weakest devices now days you’d be able to store enough sprites for smooth animation.

    Go back to 2d and create absolutely breathtakingly massive worlds with todays game budgets.

    • pip2000

      I of course prefer 3D, but in the case of Fallout I’d take high detail sprites in an Isometric viewpoint over 3d rendered polygon based graphics, in exchange for multiple times more top quality content. Its just that art for universal 3D games is gobbling up so much of the development budget in games. Thats why you have arguably the best looking game ever (Ryse IMO) only last a short while, and why GTAV had a 1000 man development team and cost such a huge amount to develop and market.

  • fun

    that would be fun cause i played the old games it wouldnt matter. but now if you want to appeal to everyone else it has to be like the gameplay now.
    although fallout 3 did take many of its main quest objectives from fallout 1 and 2 it was still a good game. new vegas was developed by some of the original guys so it was great as well. i just want something that stays true to the fallout series.

  • Deric Anthony

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  • brandon cherry

    I hope they follow their own design and ideas instead of the absurd request i’ve been seeing lately. The only thing i would request would be a highly sophisticated engine, exploration etc. basically just improvement on all of the aspects of the previous game.

  • Gabriel Lorenzana

    It would be a dumb mistake. They would lose all the fans they made with FO3, which is the most popular and best selling FO game. It would be cool if they made an arcade game based on the original games, but a full fledged next gen Fallout game? No. We’re supposed to be moving forward, not backwards.

  • Ocelotty1

    That’s already been done. – Wasteland 2 (On which Fallout was based ) has been developed and follows your proposal already ( I am a Kickstarter backer for this project)

  • M$ $ony

    No thank you! I loved fallout 3!

  • Frank Welch

    Keep Fallout 4 in 3 format. Add new weapons. Keep the partners one can pick up in the story. Maybe a walking advanced robot or humanoid along with humans.

  • Ray

    Like the chap below said “Wasteland 2”.Glad to see these articles are written by true fans of the genre.

  • Sparhawk

    How about having it so unlike Fallout 3 on the PC, the next Fallout won’t continuously crash on windows 7 and 8. Wasn’t very well optimised probably because it was a console port.

  • Minecam123

    I know it would be dumb, but I wouldn’t mind.

  • Charles love

    I wouldn’t like it at all. The first fallout I played was 3, I fell in love with it right away. If anything fallout needs more gore, swearing, monsters, an analog melee system like dead islands, clothing like Skyrim (where I can choose shoes at least) vehicles (that damage easily and need regular maintenance) and a better leveling system (like skyrims)

  • Common

    I for one would actually cry. Then wonder what they were thinking throwing away millions in sales, going with a format only a few enjoy.

  • Nick

    It would suck if you wanted to play fallout 1 and 2 buy them off steam and I thought Bethesda was going to make a mmo about fallout in that fallout 1/2 style


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