Fallout 4: What We Don’t Want to See

What should Bethesda avoid? It’s a tough choice.

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Fallout Online

Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 4 hasn’t been officially confirmed though it has most definitely been leaked through a casting call sheet in the past few months. We’ve been talking about what we want to see from the game for a while now. But what about what we don’t want to see?

It’s a given that we want Fallout 4 to be properly tested for bugs and glitches. Fallout 3 was rife with the same and it annoyed us to no end. But a proper feature that just needs the boot? That’s a tough choice.

It would be a long shot but if Bethesda could implement something other than the VATS system for combat this time around, it would be interesting. VATS allowed you to spend action points to target specific body parts on enemies, and could help in pulling off some of the best slow-mo shots you’ll ever see in games.

It’s overplayed at this point though and we’d like something unique and new that we could fall in love with, just like we did with VATS. It could also help if Bethesda didn’t try too hard to ape Skyrim’s features. Crafting is fun but it’s very easy to break the game early on with it.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • JD


  • blah

    I love VATS. It’s one of my favorite mechanics of the game and I heavily use it. Getting rid of it would suck.

    • awkwardcrabbly

      And it has been in the game since Fallout 1. They’re not getting rid of it.

  • Coolforlife

    Oblivion and Skyrim had horses, even Fallout 2 had a car, we need a vehicle even if it is just a motorcycle. Also, some of the Skyrim features, such as dual wielding needs to be there, but they should keep their new bulls**t stat system out of our Fallout games. Also, they should make clothing system multiple layered. (For instance, leather armor should consist of a “armored leather jacket”, “armored trousers”, “leather gloves” and “leather boots”, leather jacket and pants shouldn’t be a single thing like their other games.. That would help with variety and make sure not everyone wears exact same thing..

  • Jooubachi

    No Co-op or online gameplay. Honestly, the best part of fallout is the isolation and reality of going it alone. I love being able to immerse myself for hours just exploring and not having to encounter other ‘people’ for lack of a better word.

  • Busby75

    Why have cars? That’s dumb… It’s post-apocalyptic for a reason. You want cars?… Go play GTA.

    • Mad Hobo

      Or play fallout 1.

  • Jon Red

    What I don’t want to see:

    (1) A difficulty setting, regardless of whether or not it affects experience points or anything else. This feature should be removed entirely from both Fallout AND Skyrim. Variations in difficulty should come from the variety of different missions and enemies and NOT by just going into settings. What’s the point of trophies/achievements if everyone can just flip it to “very easy” whenever the going gets tough?

    (2) Easily missable trophies/achievements. Missable trophies/achievements suck to begin with and should be avoided as a rule for any game. But Fallout took it a crappy step further with the Karma trophies/achievements which made it literally impossible to get all the trophies without making saves and going back and artificially altering your Karma which was fun for exactly no one. Due to the nature of the game, missable trophies probably can’t be avoided completely but I definitely don’t want to see as many or as easily missable trophies as we’ve seen before. Difficult trophies are fine, great in fact, but missable, no those aren’t fun. Spend more of your time looking up how not to miss the trophy then actually enjoying the game.

    (3) Multiplayer or co op. I love online games, but not for elder scrolls or fallout. I play these games to get AWAY from people, not connect with them. Furthermore, I definitely don’t want to see multiplayer trophies/achievements. Those are the worst. Don’t hold a platinum trophy hostage just to get me to participate in your crappy attempt to shoehorn your game into the world of online multiplayer.

    (4) The same voice for 15 different characters. Either hire more voice actors or hire someone who can do DIFFERENT VOICES. If Parker and Stone can come up with 50 different voices for their South Park characters, I’m sure Bethesda can find individuals who can do this as well.

    (5) As many bugs and glitches as we’ve seen in their previous games. Fantastic games to be sure but the number of bugs and glitches is too damn high.

  • lickityanoob

    go home gaming bolt your drunk. no vats? go play rage or borderlands like the sap you are.

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