Fallout 4: Which Character to Bring Back, Transferring Old Character Builds

Which Fallout 3 character should return in the next game?

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Fallout Online
Bethesda Softworks hasn’t confirmed Fallout 4 – despite the leaks that are starting to appear left and right – but that’s not stopping us from listing out what we’d like to see in the game that could be exclusive to next-gen consoles. This includes favourite characters we’d like to see return, including Moira who may still be spreading the news about her survival guide in the wasteland.

Another interesting thing to have would be the ability to transfer your old character into the new game. This would take some work if new skills and builds were introduced, but if Bioware can achieve these results in the Mass Effect series, then Bethesda Softworks shouldn’t have a problem. Would we be able to feel the effects of our actions from Fallout 3 in the next game? We’ll find out when it eventually does get announced.

What would you like to see in Fallout 4 the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Josh

    I think there is a pretty high chance of seeing Doctor Li come back. Since she left north to the commonwealth right after the purifier started to work. That is if it it set in Boston, Philly, or one of them cities.
    Also for the character builds. I don’t think you could do that since there is most likely going to be a new engine. Not gamebyro or something that is still part gamebyro (Creation)
    Plus it’s next gen so that brings high doubts.

    • M$ $ony

      I have a feeling Fallout 4 is going to be the best game ever created second to none.

  • Seth Wiesner

    I’d like to see a Sprinting Mode, or some way to get a boost of speed not involving chems. The music in the previous instalments was superb, I hope Obsidian still uses Inon Zur and Mark Morgan for the OST. I much better beginning of the game. The beginning of F:NV and FO3 is so boring of you’ve already played out seen it before. Even bigger wasteland/environment. That is all. Fallout is my favorite game series of all time and I’d like to see Fallout 4 even beat New Vegas.

  • zane

    Its simple, remake FO3 for new consoles with 3-4 new DLC to tie into FO4, that will keep me happy until 2015-16 when FO4 gets here. Let the enclave or some other faction kidnap your character at ending DLC for transfer to FO4

  • Ocelotty1

    Just give me Fawkes and I’m good oh and please Bethesda – don’t Fawk up FO4 🙂

  • Bipolar PolarBear

    Well first of all it be cool if your fallout new vegas character was in the middle of a battle and almost got killed but was just knocked unconscious and your fallout three character comes along and saves you and helps you get on your feet but you can’t remember anything so you have to learn from him since he’s basically a god he teaches you what you need to know but only you can master your skills but… it just be cool if they had some interaction of your old characters or something or they actually became famous and you could here people taking about them randomly in-game(you’d still have to connect you old accounts to it or for the game to know which choices you made) but stuff like that would be nice, also if they could bring back all the guns from the games and update/upgrade them and give them names instead of assault rifle or whatever they have something like C-765 Carbine or something that’d be cool idk what else to say or well my fingers hurt…

    • Jadeus

      None of what you said will happen.

    • Jeff

      It would be cool to hear NPC’s talking about your previous character’s accomplishments, sorta like in F:NV when you hear the brotherhood talk about “some units went rogue out east” or something to that effect.

  • Chris Leate

    Saalik’s sister. I’ve been looking for her since fallout 2

  • SC3

    Fallout Gaming Engine + Starcraft World and Story = Gaming Paradise….but Blizzard would never team up with BethSoft

  • Jake Bertz

    Cus one dog aint enough, and two dog is too low, we need THREE DOG!!!

  • Hopeful at best

    I just want to see a new Fallout game, piggybacking on the same engine as Skyrim. I enjoyed New Vegas, but it honestly felt like a big expansion onto FO3. I want a game that feels like something completely new and not rehashed. I’m sure you could incorporate V.A.T.S. in that engine with some tweaking.

    • M$ $ony

      Oh great! Let’s just make a rehashed version of Skyrim with new skins instead… The engine is going to be completely different from any game before this, because it’s almost certainly going to be exclusive to the next generation of consoles.

    • Josh

      The engine of skyrim is just a half assed engine off of Gamebyro.
      New engine = best engine

  • Jadeus

    I really did not care much for Three Dog in Fallout 3. His voice grated on the nerves after awhile. His character missions were flimsy to say the least. Let me get this straight, I’m looking for my father, you know where he is, but you won’t tell me unless I risk my life to secure a satellite dish from a mutant infested deathtrap? Fun mission, sure, but I killed Three Dog straight away.

  • Dragox

    If we are going back to the east coast, I think that it might be interesting to see what happened to Colonel Autumn, considering that during the 2 week transition, you can here Lyons astonishment of the LW letting him walk away.

  • raindog469

    Since the Three Dog voice actor has already tweeted about working with Bethesda again, it seems a safe bet that Three Dog will be back. He was fine in FO3. But I want more Fawkes, please.

  • Dou Chebag

    what leaks? you mean like this article?

    • Tristen Magnoni

      there was a leak that there were no leaks.

  • F1and2Fan

    F3 without the wanderer’s edition simply sucks. So if they do not look up to it – we are doomed with waiting guys from nexus to make F4 wanderer’s edition 😛
    And they should drop an idea of importing character from F3; if that was serious intention, anyway…
    I can’t wait for F4 to come, but not because of Bethesda, but because of great modding community!

  • Brandon

    Just wanna have a choice in race! I want to be a Ghoul or a Android!


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