Fallout 4: Why It Should Have Improved Mod Support

Betheda’s active support for modders should have far less obstacles than it does.

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Fallout Online

Bethesda Softworks is well-known for supporting modders. Obsidian Entertainment, which worked on Fallout 3: New Vegas, even commented on how they looked to mods for ideas on what to implement in the expansion pack, such was the richness of some ideas. Bethesda is notorious for one thing though – not exactly making the process easy for modders.

With Fallout 4 more or less confirmed to be on the way – thanks to a leaked casting call sheet that indicates the game to be set in Boston – it’s only a given that it should have improved mod support. Modders should need to use less hard-coding or relying on stock animation for whatever mods they create. It’s amazing that some modders have been able to accomplish what they have when the system is far from intuitive.

It also wouldn’t hurt to see some of those mods make their way to the PS4 and Xbox One. What say, Bethesda? Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts on improved mod support for Fallout 4 in the comments below.

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  • urgelt

    The better the development tools are, the more cheaply and easily BethSoft will be able to develop Fallout 4 and its DLC. Contracting with Obsidian for a follow-on game should also be less expensive and more profitable. So better modding tools would produce more winners than just modders.

    So I do hope for progress in this area. Really, the modding tools for Skyrim – the lastest major BethSoft release – aren’t much more advanced than for Morrowind in 2002. It’s been an area of neglect, and I think it probably drives up development costs for the studio. If it’s easier to get content into the game, everyone will benefit.

    So, I hope BethSoft heeds your advice.

  • Dou Chebag

    As a mod dev, I find it hard to complain about having a readily accessible mod tool in the GECK and CK. But now that you mention it, retrospectively, there was quite a bit of tedium involved. Especially around scripting. The scripts for F3 and NV were somewhat simliar, but different enough to be aggravating. The scripts for Skyrim are nothing like Fallout, not even close. A real aggravation if you started with Fallout.

    The graphical part is fairly clear, though I wish the GECK would make better use of RAM. And I would like to see the number of supported references quintuple. Officially it’s 500, but it didnt start getting unstable until around 1500. At 4000, boom boom boom. Hehe. Anyhoo, a professional interface designed for the semi-novice would completely rock. Talk about reply value. Awesome sauce.


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