Fallout 4: Will Bethesda Announce It At GDC 2015?

With each year comes new games events and expectations. Will Bethesda finally announce the big one?

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Midhrastic ENB for Fallout 3

Before you start screaming click-bait and mouthing of in the comments section, know that this is a genuine question. Just as genuine as when I asked it after Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards. But in all honesty, will Bethesda announce Fallout 4 at the Game Developers Conference which is scheduled for March?

Look, we all know that The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t going to last. Straight out of the gate it keeled over and ended up as a disappointment, since then it’s been nothing but a salvage operation. While I understand people enjoy it and that a great deal of gamers are happy to invest in it, I see it as something that never should have happened. And so does the majority of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout community.

Is it time to pull back that big heavy curtain and finally say the words we’ve been longing to hear? GDC is a great event to announce something like this at, there would be so many eyes on you that the show would be stolen. Hype-ometers would be of the charts, heads would explode and when the dust settles, we would breath a collective sigh of  relief.

GDC chugs ever closer, as does E3, and while it may only be January, there’s so much content coming this year that you’ll blink and it’s time to haul yourself bodily across the show floor to see the latest dubstep montage from Sony and Microsoft.

Come on Bethesda, do what’s right and let us know!

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  • d0x360

    You obsession with fallout 4 has gone beyond healthy lol. Not a month goes by without some staffer on this site speculating its about to be unveiled. Not one conference or convention can pass without you assuming it will be unveiled. Its been going on for what? 2 years now…

    Give it up. The next big Bethesda game is already rumored to be an elder scrolls title. Fallout 3 made money yes but elder scrolls is their cash cow and they always start a generation with it. Just take a deep breath, fallout will be announced eventually but you gotta stop torturing yourself =P

    • Martin Toney

      What can I say? I need my Fallout fix lol

  • Alex

    Well Bethesda Game Studios is due for a new title. They release a new title about every 3 years so we probably will hear them announce their next title this year. But it may not even be Fallout 4. Consider this the Elder Scrolls series has a new title every 4-5 years. This trend has not been broken, besides the 5 and a half years between Arena and Daggerfall. So if they do announce Fallout 4 for a 2016 release (because at this rate that’s where we are headed) when will we see the next Elder Scrolls? 2017? 2018? 2019? There is no way, after Skyrim was so successful, that they would release Elder Scrolls VI more than 5 years after Skyrim. Nothing against Bethesda Game Studios, but personally I think the Fallout franchise should be given to a different development studio so it will reduce the wait times for both series.

  • I disagree. I think a new Fallout game will come out next from Bethesda. I understand what you guys are saying about there not ever being a long gap between Elder scrolls games, but since Fallout is also very successful they can alternate between titles, and fans of both series would appreciate that. It seems that since skyrim (and ESO) came out last the demand is higher for Fallout and it would make more money. I mean, you see people obsessing for Fallout 4 like this a lot, but I don’t see it for Elder scrolls. Not yet at least.


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