Fallout 4: Will It be Banned in Australia?

Bethesda’s next may already have lost out on a major territory.

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Ever since Australia introduced an equivalent of the AO rating, namely the R18+ rating which restricts the sale of games in the continent, there have been several big-name games that have been denied classification. State of Decay was denied because – of all things – it showed drugs as a tool for benefits and progression. Saints Row IV was denied for sexual violence, which related to – again, of all things – an alien anal probe being used as a weapon.

The question then arises: Will Fallout 4 be denied certification as well?

Bethesda Softworks’ next iteration in the open world RPG series has seen its share of rumours in the past few months. It hasn’t been officially announced as of yet either. However, given the prevalence of performance-enhancing drugs in the game such as “Jet” and “Psycho”, especially when you use them to get buffed up and annihilate fores, is there a chance it could be banned? Most likely.

Previous Fallout titles haven’t had any trouble releasing in Australia, until the new laws came together. What other games will skip out on an Australian release? Stay tuned.

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  • pee face

    I don’t care because im not from aus

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  • deathion

    it wont get banned, it will get a R18+ rating

  • Heydick

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  • Jsinbag

    If Last of Us didn’t get banned, you can bet that FO4 won’t be banned.

  • Dspawnmk

    Actually, Fallout 3 had a few problems with release in Australia. For example, ‘Med-X’ was called Morphine in the game until the Australian Government kicked up a fuss, similar to the State of Decay problems. Also the game has animations hidden in the files of the player character infecting themselves with Stimpacks. Again this was removed because it showed drug use – Obviously. However Bethesda thought it to be unfair to have something in the US or UK version of the game without it being in the Australian version. Hence it was removed completely.


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