Fallout 4: Will It Have New Locations As DLC?

With the power of next gen consoles and cloud, this is very much possible.

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With the power of next generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, and the accessibility of cloud services, it would be very much possible that developers may push out entire worlds as add on or downloadable content on consoles. See the MMO’s for example. The developers keep the interest high by adding new worlds/universe which makes sure that gamers will come back for more exploration.

Although not officially announced but rumored to be in development, Fallout 4 may have additional worlds as DLC after the game releases. So how does a core location of Detroit sounds as a downloadable location? There could possibly be an Ann Arbor as the DLC may allow the player to roam away from the locations. There could also be a DLC set in Ohio or even Fallout New Orleans and have a story based on how Caesar expanded towards the east and took control of New Orleans.

The ideas are all up there. What kind of DLC are you expecting from Fallout 4? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • MrSpacemonkeymojo

    I don’t buy it. We heard all these rumors about all of Tamriel in Skyrim dlc and “huge dlc”. Rumor ran about of returning to Morrowind with Skyrim and we got Dragonborn which gave us a new smaller landmass is all.

    • M$ $ony

      People will be expecting way more on the next gen and company’s like Bethesda will give more.

  • Mike

    DLC’s for FO4 I really hope for something in like Russia or China.I mean it would be interesting to see the world outside of America. And this will still fit into the whole “Americana” theme FO has: it will be an opportunity to satirize Communism since so far FO is a satire of the dangers of blind obedience to government.


    I think they could add small landmasses around the main land mass (or masses) as well as new weapons quests companions etc.

  • Hoshi Karyu Yagami

    Massachusettes… I HAVE to see the damn infamous Institute and all its technology in midst of the “war-ravaged” lands… though considering the rumors hopefully this will be the main location of the game… plus if its located in Boston, then good chances Salem will be included.. hehe now that would be interesting having visited there and seen that much of the town is like halloween year round with the focus on the witch trials, witchcraft, and the puritans.

  • John Begobi

    It’s going to be a mmorpg. Crap.

  • Dazzler – with a bass cannon

    I came because I thought it was some actual news. Something ripped from Kotaku just like literally every other gaming news outlet at least, but this? Seriously? You got my hopes up for stupid bullshit nobody should care about. They’ll make the game and you’ll buy it because fallout is fucking amazing that’s why. It’s to the point where the you just want to shout to the 3 ballbusters – Bethesda Bioware and Blizzard ‘SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.’

    That said, I do totally hope it’s set in boston, dem androids from MIT could be some cool story morality fodder, but since it was a fan wank rumor I don’t think they’ll implement any more of the replicated man quest. Saddens me dearly.

  • RAHM

    I would really like to see what’s going on outside of America. I mean I’m really curious as to what’s going on in other parts of the world. When you played mother ship zeta you see the earth for the first time as what it actually looks like and you mostly see it all cover in brown clouds and landmasses which ends up resembling Venus in a way. Going off topic there but seriously it would be interesting to see what the rest of the world is up to. Maybe vault tec could have had a longer reach than just the united states and their were a lot more vaults than people realized maybe there could have been different branches all across the world but no one really knew about it and thought that they were the only ones left. Who wouldn’t want to experience what life could be like in a Chinese wasteland or a European wasteland or maybe even a Russian wasteland and experience all the mutated animals and interact with the different tribes of their said wasteland. It would be interesting to see what life could be like for a Chinese vault dewller/ chosen one/ lone wanderer/ courier.

  • Processing power isn’t the only thing that limits the scope of DLC,you also have to consider the work involved from the programmers and artists. I doubt the DLC they make will be much larger in scope than their current fare for this reason. I’m sure it will be prettier, though.


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