Fallout 4 Wishes: Creating Your Own Vault Community?

What would it be like to have your own base and followers in Fallout 4?

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Fallout 4 is real. Ever since a casting call sheet from Bethesda was leaked, indicating that the game will be set in Boston, we’ve been rejoicing with the news that the next game in the Fallout universe will indeed be happening. Although it’s expected to skip 2014 (thanks to some healthy clues from Bethesda), we’re still stoked enough about Fallout 4 to speculate on what it could have. So how about being able to create your own Vault community?

The player could find their own Vault and restore it, rescuing survivors or random individuals and making them a part of the community. Similar to State of Decay, you could have your own fortress, thriving with different individuals who will impart different quests at different times, and then work towards making it better. It could also serve as a good place to set up an armoury and weapons store.

What are your thoughts on this and how would you expand on the idea? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Brandon Colombo

    wow creating your own vault would be awesome!! something like halo with forge.. that would be nice and that just made my day knowing that… (:

  • why

    thats not really the point of fallout. why would you need to make a vault pretty sure thats not what all the games were about

  • Fallout fan

    It’s dumb ideas like this that ruin games. Let bethesda do there job and create there type of game that so many fans love. I’d rather be exploring abandoned houses and buildings not wasting my time looking for (characters) to join my little posse.

  • Dustin Bivins

    I think this would be an interesting idea for a safehouse. Maybe even able to customize it like the houses in Skyrim’s hearthfire DLC. It would also add a point to the people you save from the muties from fallout 3

  • t74kenn

    Maybe as an ad on like hearthfire but not for the game itself

  • That guy

    I’d prefer if it was above ground. Like founding a community like jacobstown in new vegas. What fallout 4 needs is a yaoi gui mount you can saddle up. I could die a happy guy.

  • Woody P Harris

    You could always just pick up Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas on PC and do this (and much more — with mods of course) TODAY, instead of waiting for Fallout 4 and hoping it has something like this.

    Personally, I don’t know if you should be able to make your own Vault, per say, but it would be interesting if you could clear out a Vault and then take it over. Use it as a home base for companions and such.

    One thing I always thought Fallout should have is the ability to “take over” a house, once you’ve killed the inhabitants, or current NPC’s living there. It was always very annoying getting negative karma for stealing everything after the NPC’s were already dead. That stuff should beyours. And the fact you can’t sleep in a bed even after you’ve killed the previous owner.

    Of course, that wasn’t an issue for me on PC becaude I could use the command line to set ownership of the bed to myself, but it’d be nice to see that added as a default part of the game, and not attained by using mods or the command line.

    If I kill someone, I should be able to take over their house as my own, simple as that. I remember in Fallout 3, killing Dukov and taking over his house and making it my “base”. Thought it was MUCH better than either Megaton or the Suite in Tenpenny Tower.

  • ???

    fallout is not about making you the overseer. vaults are part of vault-tech and used as a experiment. dont ruin this franchise with a dumb idea like that

  • RodSteel

    Skipping 2014? Bethesda, really? How long do we have to wait?!

  • Simon Kitson-Harris

    Such a great shout. I would love this as a side activity, create your own camp and recruit people from around the wasteland to gather supplies and be security and to settle, great little story missions of the survivors. I would want this to be optional side thing though with a story that is totally away from this.

  • Fallout Rules

    That would be an awsome idea. I hope it happens


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