Fallout 4 Xbox One Sells 6,000 Copies In Japan

However ranks 45th in the latest Media Create’s charts.

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Fallout 4 has been one of the most popular games on the market since it was first launched and it appears that popularity has even managed to help the Xbox One in parts of the world the console hasn’t had a ton of success. The game has already been named Amazon UK’s favorite game of 2015 and it’s plenty popular in Japan as well. A new report has just circulated that shows that the Xbox One version of Fallout 4 sold more than 6,000 copies in its first week.

That number might not be all that impressive when compared to games on the PS4 but when it comes to Xbox One, the game has already become one of the most popular titles on the console in Japan. Just how bad have Microsoft’s sales been in that country? Despite Fallout 4 being one of the most popular on the console, Dualshockers pointed out the game only made it up to 45th on the sales list. Still, the game got close to Halo 5: Guardians, that sold 7,455 copies in its debut week, and it beat Forza Motorsport 6 (around 4,000 copies), Call of Duty: Black Ops III (about 1,300 copies), and most of the rest of the console’s line-up.

It’s possible the continued march of good games on the console is starting to make a dent in Japan. It’s also possible that Fallout 4 is just that good a game.

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  • XbotMK1

    Despite how the news media and journalists who know nothing about what they report, constantly lying to defend Xbox One, the Xbox One continues to receive thrashings. Ignorant fanboy game journalists are one of the biggest problems in the industry. These journalists are all about the money just like these companies, not the integrity.

    Microsoft’s countless lies about the cloud, Kinect, and DRM has taken it’s toll on Xbox One, especially in Japan. Microsoft’s lazy approach to developing new franchises and new innovative games has caught up with them as well. At least Microsoft’s exclusives line up looks better next year but we will have to see if all games release in 2016 or if it is smoke and mirrors.

    • FreeRyu

      “constantly lying to defend Xbox One” lol the media is always against the X1, whatcha talkin about m8

    • XbotMK1

      No they aren’t. Websites aren’t against Xbox One. Just because websites report facts doesn’t mean they’re against Xbox One. It just means the facts happen to not be in Xbox One’s favor. Websites report facts when they can’t avoid it but many websites will avoid facts that make Xbox One look bad and many of these websites try to sneak lies in or sneak their opinions in to reports that are supposed to be only about facts, just to make Xbox One look good.

      If you can’t see how websites have been damage controlling for Xbox One then you haven’t been paying attention.

      Here are known organisations that damage control for Xbox and are bias towards Xbox as a brand and bias towards Microsoft as a company. But they report news for PlayStation, Nintendo, or PC and try to disguise themselves as neutral.

      Crave Online
      Some Forbes writters

      There are many more. Having a preference or being an Xbox focused website that only reports Xbox news is one thing. But when you’re an Xbox focused website that tries to hide it to appear neutral or report one sided news to sway and manipulate the truth or preference of your readers, then it becomes a problem. Many of these websites kiss Microsoft’s *ss and damage control for Xbox One because they don’t want Microsoft to stop funding them for ads because they thrive off the console war. These websites want contraversy because it generates clicks and they want Microsoft and Sony to bid over news coverage. If one product was completely dominant, these websites would lose funding because the dominant company wouldn’t need to pay these websites for ads.

      Here are examples of false narratives and lies that websites have been spreading to damage control for Xbox.

      False narratives that favor Xbox One:

      – Only the holidays matter for exclusives.
      – Only the holidays matter for console reviews.
      – Console features don’t matter until Microsoft does it or copies the PS4. Then it becomes amazing.
      – Anything done or added by Microsoft is amazing or a game changer. Click bait.
      – If Microsoft puts an Xbox One exclusives on PC, nobody needs to know. I’ll just count it as an Xbox One exclusive anyway.
      – Microsoft is listening to consumers and is working very hard while Sony is lazy and ignoring everyone.
      – Microsoft is always improving their console and Sony doesn’t.
      – PSN is always having issues while Xbox Live is perfect.


      – The cloud.
      – Xbox One has more exclusives (Believe it or not, websites still say this)
      – Direct X12
      – Only possible because Windows 10
      – Convenient omission of Xbox Live outages, Microsoft charging for party chat and charging for titles that are suposed to be free to play, and countless other omissions to hide the truth.

    • FreeRyu

      Do you sleep over this?

    • XbotMK1

      Nothing else to add?

    • FreeRyu

      I should be asking you that, you seem pretty upset about this situation.

    • XbotMK1

      You asked me a question, and I answered.

    • FreeRyu

      You didn’t answer tho lol. You said “Anything else to add?” or somtehing like that. It was a Yes Or No question :/

    • Allfor1

      Stfu with your delusional yammerin. Smh The fear of MS is STRONG with this one. Shameful even.

    • marhorn

      You are the epitome of but hurt….just because windows 95 crashed on you that one time….you think it’s just cool to go along with the hate Ms wave. Sony is dying…..bleeding money….the only thing making them money is ps and home insurance in Japan. Sony lied and really stunk out the place with minidisc malware and the psn back (more the length of time they knew about it). Want to know why hospitals, emergency services and armed forces around the world use Microsoft services…..because they wrote the book! And charging for party chat? What does psn charge for? Ms destroys Sony with free games each month now…..im done, I have games to go play…..unlike you!

    • Mr Xrat

      That’s because the Shitbox Done is a joke m8, just like you are. Crawl back to Gamespot. 🙂

    • FreeRyu

      If you weren’t a fanboy then maybe I would have taken you seriously lol

    • Allfor1

      What the f*ck are you babbling about? Lies about the cloud? You truly must be a Sony fanboy whos stuck with just a 3.5 PS. Xbox is a much better console than the PS will ever be this gen. Keep the few extra pixels and anime crap because in the end I think the tables are going to look much different do to “the cloud” tech. And to say the media favors MS is dribble as well. Its Sony whos throwing their money around, trust.

    • mj

      Wow you have no life. You are on EVERY article about anything Xbox spitting your hate. How’s it feel to be the world’s smallest loser (smallest because you mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, it’s pathetic and sad)

  • EarlyMedievalSerf

    those sales are probably mostly westerners or collectors.

    • Betty Factor

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    • Rikarudo

      Its the whole american Okinawa base and a few Japanese guys in Tokyo hehe

  • Mitt Zombie

    XBox2 is coming out soon, before there are even any good games on the Xbone!

    • marhorn

      Could wait a lifetime for a good game on ponystation. Xbox took over gran turismo with forza, it’s got gears, Halo master chief collection, Halo 5, titan fall, tomb raider, Oni and the blind forest, elite dangerous, idarb. To name just a few. (not to mention quantum break, scalebound, crackdown 3, fable legends, project Gotham). Have fun with ratchet and clunk lolololololol!!!

    • Tech junkie

      PS5 coming out soon, before there are even any good games on the PS4

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