Fallout: New Vegas Hardcore mode completion reward is…

Obsidian had announced that a special reward awaited all those who were foolhardy enough to complete Fallout: New Vegas with Hardcore Mode switched on, which makes your playthrough of the game twice as challenging with you needing to keep your character constantly hydrated, well feed, etc aswell as not being able to fast travel if the distance is too far. What’s worse, your Stimpaks don’t heal instantly but takes time and bullets add weight to your inventory. The mode lives upto its name for sure!

However, some gamers have completed the game with the said mode  turned on and we now know what awaits those who succeed in beating the game with that enabled.

It is, dear gamers…a….”The HARDCORE TROPHY!”

That’s right, that’s all you will get for completing the game on Hardcore mode, a Trophy/Achievement. GO home now.


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  • http://RSF Bandit

    Your kidding? surely?

  • http://Website Acies

    Well Ive just completed it and im yet to see any kind of reward apart from the achievement/trophy. I was so excited that I would get a cool weapon or armor of some kind but nope, so disappointed :(

    • http://Website Nuke411

      I honestly thought it would take away level cap

  • http://Website edward rivera

    I heard there is DLC coming very soon that will be free for gamers with the hardcore trophy

    • http://Website jo

      Is this confirmed?

    • http://Website Risu


    • http://gamingbolt.com naruto312

      i only beat it once a i think it is the slides that tell you where the people your meet went but i only beat it on hardcore

  • http://Website Gilly

    when i completed it i went back on and found that i had a pair of golden boxing gloves available as a weapon, yet these can be found in one of the casinos in vegas. they are rubbish though.

  • http://Gameinformer.com Brandon

    Yes it is confirmed there will be downloadable content. On jan. 8 they will make any and all DLC free to anyone with the hardcore moad trophy

  • http://Website pizzavault spaggetti

    yes i beat the game on hardcore mode and all it did was give me a stupid achievment, wow what a waste of time

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