Fallout: New Vegas versus Metro 2033: HD Screenshot comparison

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Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most anticipated role playing games of 2010. It is a part of the Fallout series but not a sequel to Fallout 3. Since Metro 2033 and New Vegas are both primarily based on post-apocalyptic conditions, we at GamingBolt decided to a high definition screen shot comparison of both the games. Take a look. The first screen is from Fallout: New Vegas and the second is from Metro 2033.

Note: Click the images to see them in HD and full screen.

From the front


In combat


Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Anon

    Apples and oranges.

  • Nick

    whats your point

  • Mike

    thnx fer the pics i cant wait for the game to come out

  • sandro

    fukers and sukers

  • Frank

    Oh my! If only Fallout New Vegas could look like Metro 2033. That would be perfect.

  • bolo

    minor unfamous ukrainian studio screwed obsidian in graphics, lol

  • Ice

    I want that silenced magnum in Fallout: New Vegas!!!

  • Joshua

    I hae never readany reviews on the game but it looks alright

  • Zach

    Both look like great games.

  • Clint

    A comparison between a 10 h FPS and an open world RPG with an engine used in a 2008 game? Kinda stupid. By the way, the difference is not too much considering this, obviously better in Metro, but not really much better.

    • Oplama

      What a butthurt. That’s hilarious.
      Hush, don’t cry sweetie.

  • Bhunter

    Great seeing som stuff from the new game well sinc i played all the fallout games must say it look alot like fallout 3 (not van buren ^^) still seems like theres more smoothness to the Npcs. ohh and like the 6 shotter whit silencer and scope eny planes about throwing out som beta/demo of the game ?

  • Justin

    From the comparison shots, Metro 2033 looks sooooo much better. Graphically and aesthetic tone (dark, creepy, and depressing). HOWEVER, Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games of all time, so I’m fairly certain New Vegas will still meet my expectations. Plus i have this bad feeling that Metro 2033 is going to end up being mediocre at best. It will probably be one of those games that look really amazing, has a fairly large following, then ends up getting scored in the 60% range and soon falls into obscurity , only to be remembered as one of those games that disappointed everyone. I hope I’m wrong, because I would like to see both of these games be a quality release.

  • RIchdad

    Those screens are from console version I think. I played Fallout 3 on PC and it looks way better than Xbox 360 version aynd that is the better version in console.

    Honestly most multiple platform Shooter should be played on PC for best experience.

  • greg

    well, they put a silencer on a revolver… so…

  • SteGab1979

    I honestly can’t figure out the reason for this comparison. You’d think an admin of NMA would make better choices.

    How can you possibly compare the two? A dev of Metro 2033 even said in an interview that this was a linear FPS with an emphasis on a singular story, rather than an open-world experience where, and I quote, ‘you know… complete, emergent, do whatever you want… blah… blah… was actually going to make [it a better game]’. Seems to me like they’re polar opposites, and that isn’t an expression about attraction. These two games have no business being pressed one against the other.

    So, I ask: what was the point of that comparison?

  • METRO 2033-Is one of the greatest product of Ukranian creators.Grafics,Story,AroundWorld,To understand it -you must be one of us-peoples which feel it from our hearts….spirits of our history .mentality of our customs our vision and values ​​of our relationship. You capitalists do not understand it/DOSVIDANIYA)

  • Look Nikolai.If you are actually an Ukrainian…
    And this goes for some American kids as well:

    Its not about countries.Its about the story and game development…
    I’m European and I understand the book and games fine.

    Dmitry who wrote the book isn’t a communist…its not about ideologies.Its about humanity.

    The Fallout universe is a retro-futuristic parody.The metro universe is a dark reality one.They are very different.

    I enjoy both

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