Far Cry 4 Dev Believes Linear Story Games Will “Suffer in Modern Marketplace”

Services like Twitch are more supportive of open world games as opposed to repetitious content.

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Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 isn’t out yet but Ubisoft is already hyping it as an open world shooter where anything can happen. In fact, creative director Alex Hutchinson recently spoke to OXM about the game’s open world approach and how it will go well with Twitch and other sharing services on the Xbox One and PS4.

“I’m really interested in emergent games and where that’s going with video sharing and Twitch. I think linear story games are really going to suffer in the modern marketplace.

“They’re already super high-quality, and we’re already seeing their audiences migrate to the big open world games. If I open my friends list and see everybody on the same mission, doing the same thing…I think that’s nowhere near as strong a sales pitch as opening your friends list and seeing 40 people doing completely different things.”

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments and stay tuned for Far Cry 4’s release this November.

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  • Mark

    I’ve always felt open world wil be the defenition of “Next Gen” this generation. Since there’s more RAM in the systems, it’s only right. What we want is hours upon hours of “emergent” gameplay. Unbelievable to think Final Fantasy 7 captured most of this, on the PS1. Star Citizen, Dragon Age, The Witcher, The Division, are just the beginning if u ask me. Those linear games will still be good for what they do, but I agree with Alex here.

    Think about this. Imagine Tomb Raider, Uncharted, and pretty much any “linear” designed game, going open world?! Imagine the massive amount of hours and side stories and environments to get lost in?! To me, open world wins all the time if chosen over linear. My goodness I luv Elder Scrolls.

  • justerthought

    There will always be a place for quality story driven linear adventures such as The Last Of Us, Uncharted and Tomb Raider, but the future of gaming is emergent open world. Games have always been a form of VR entertainment and emergent open world takes us closer to that goal. Ubisoft and Rockstar are leading the way, while Bethesda has fallen on its perch by not persueing the Skyrim model and adding coop.

    Not all players will be able to cope with a truly open emergent world because they loose focus and need to be led by the hand. They lack creativity and need to dev to supply it so they can just trigger it and pretend it was their idea. Everybody else will thrive in emergent open world and enjoy the freedom of being creative.


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