Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 To Receive New Information Soon, English VO Casting Details Emerge

New information arriving for both games “in the near future”.

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44. Final Fantasy 15

With the PlayStation 4 having launched in Japan, Square Enix was on hand to provide some information about upcoming releases like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III.

Producer Shinji Hashimoto said that both games have taken a while but the developer is working hard to make sure that fans aren’t disappointed. New details will arrive “in the near future” and though Square Enix has gone multiplatform, Hashimoto did talk about both franchises and their success on past Sony consoles.

Now, when you hear “in the near future” from Square Enix in regards to Final Fantasy XV, the obvious answer is that we’re going to have to wait months. But it seems the developer is already looking to cast English voice actors for the game.

VO Artist Katy Townsend is listed as having “various” roles in her resume (courtesy of NeoGAF) while Olivia Hack and Greg Berg are also listed on IMDB. Townsend’s resume mentions Chris Borders working as the English voice casting director – he owns a VO company called TikiMan Productions, which handles voice acting for Gears of War, Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 1/2.

If nothing else, at least this indicates that Square Enix is progressing fairly far into production. Both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV will be out on Xbox One and PS4. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • coolasjustin

    lol, how many times now has it been, nomura and crew have said info is coming soon? or “fans be patient?” I’m glad that now its more consistent we keep hearing that its progressing further and far into production, so thats a nice change but cmon guys give us something. 8 years is a long time to still be asking fans to be patient.

    • Sarthak Verma

      Tru dat. In fact this is clear proof we might not get a lot of kh and ff for ps4/xbox1… I mean COME ON…

    • coolasjustin

      yea its pretty frustrating, this is about the 4th time I’ve seen an article in the past year at least saying info is coming. I’m hoping FF15 will be released before KH3 is, I’ve been excited since 07 for this game and i still am pumped for it but its dragging on like crazy

    • Sarthak Verma

      *sigh* i think all i am ever gonna get is a possible kh spinoff on ps vita(that will be longer. GOD.)

    • Fayt Strife

      It’s Square Enix what do you expect.

    • marcus hughes

      When he said we will share info he did. It’s not years. The game already has more stuff on it than Infamous Second Son does and Watch Dogs

    • Simon Pring

      Sorry but you are wrong. Final fantasy xv was originally ff versus xiii and was originally announced in 2006. It was essentially vapourware until they changed the name and re announced it as ff xv. Please don’t jump into a comment sounding all pompous and knowing when you have incorrect information. Thanks

    • coolasjustin

      glad someone know’s their stuff. 😉 i couldn’t bother to respond as everyone knows it was announced in 06. it wasn’t in 100% development back then but still its been long enough to be frustrated by it. also the fact that they changed it to just ps4 an x1 is good so it relieves some of the frustration.

    • TheBo1t

      He is talking about versus xiii, all the information he just used is I reference to versus. He made those comments on the assumption that everyone knows 15=13 versus. Even though the announcement was 2006 the work didn’t start until 2008. Square had been developing concepts since 2004, didn’t start application of those concepts until 2008 (planning stages) and real work on the game didn’t really start until late 2012 when I assume the choice was made to make the game on Direct X 11 over PS3 and the name was changed withi the company. At this point the majority of the game is complete and rumored to have entered the final stages (Japanese voice dub, online components, iphone applications, etc.) a lot of what he said about play test was incorrect, as only Alpha versions of the game existed until 2012. The game is being given overall priority as well @ square, and does have a development team I par with games such as watchdogs. After the release of the gameplay trailer, I think it is safe to assume the game is very near completion an thus new information from Square will be coming soon.
      -sorry about the rant, I was just hoping to clarify for future readers that new info probably is on the way from square.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Stay tuned in about 2 years when “more information” is to come!

  • daxecutioner

    It’s been far too long, they could have definitely skipped final Fantasy 13 and change all their resources towards versus 13. Now known as 15


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