Final Fantasy 15: New Information Might Be Revealed At TGS 2014

It’s like Duke Nukem Forever all over again.

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Final Fantasy 15

Remember that game that everyone was really hyped for but then it kinda put down roots and decided to stop moving? Sadly, that could be any number of games given the current state of the games industry, but right now I’m talking about Final Fantasy XV. That’s Final Fantasy 15 if numerals aren’t your thing.

But hey! New information might finally be coming to the fore following Square Enix’s relocation of the games official website from it’s original home at to the much more aptly named This domain has belonged to Square Enix for quite some time but it has never been used before now, so this may hint at some upcoming TGS 2014 information. That is, assuming it actually makes an appearance at the show and that the timing of this move isn’t purely coincidental.

So, officially as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, then renamed Final Fantasy XV and then rebuilt as an 8th generation hardware game, the title has lingered in that strange part of development hell where the game is actively being developed, but no on seems to even care anymore. Unless you do?

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    duh who wouldnt care. The trailers and information leave me no reason to doubt it, especially when Nomura openly said it was never going to be on PS3 because the hardware wasnt good enough for his vision, which means he didnt want to release a half baked game that didnt meet his expectations. this is good enough for me when most developers know their development is going well but they release it anyway. he has passion for xv.

  • Johnny Ramirez

    I agree with King Bimpy (lol). It does show dedication and given the amount of polish and attention to detail to this game already, I know its nomuras pride and joy. With that said however, it does get annoying to see him wax on wax off every 5 minutes. He wants the best game possible, but technology will always advance and if he keeps incrementally making it better as time passes, it’ll never see the light of day. Also, why do they keep pushing XV to the back? With every new game that square comes out with, it seems they always have the same excuse. They wanna whet the appetite for XV. im tired of my appetizers, I want my dinner now. Seriously, before I get full and leave.


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