Final Fantasy 15 Pre Orders Canned At goHastings , Kingdom Hearts 3 Locations Teased

Are you a Disney guy or a Square Enix guy?

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Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy XV may be very much alive but at this point, if you’re hopping aboard the pre-order train, you may want to exercise some caution. Retailer goHasting has apparently canceled $40 pre-orders for the upcoming third person action RPG and is offering consumers a $5 gift coupon for a discount on their next purchase as a consolation. At this point, it would make sense to wait for more info on the game’s release before pre-ordering it.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has released a new survey about Kingdom Hearts III and while such surveys are usually meant to gather feedback from consumers, the developer might have dropped a few hints on future locations for the next game.

Before you start to worry though, the survey also asks whether one identifies one’s self as more of a Square Enix or Disney fan. It could be interesting to see how the content is developed but at this point, Square Enix is trying to cater to both sides in garnering their feedback.


Specifically, fans were asked about their favourite locations from the following list:

  • Atlantica (The Little Mermaid)
  • Beast’s Castle (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Castle of Dreams (Cinderella)
  • Deep Space (Lilo and Stitch)
  • Dwarf Woodlands (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)
  • Enchanted Dominion (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Halloween Town/Christmas Town (Nightmare before Christmas)
  • Neverland (Peter Pan)
  • Olympus Coliseum/Underworld (Hercules)
  • Port Royal (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Pride Lands (Lion King)
  • Space Paranoids (Tron)
  • The Land of Dragons (Mulan)
  • Timeless River (Steamboat Willie)

Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV are both scheduled for Xbox One and PS4 but have no definitive release dates. Stay tuned for more info in the coming months.

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  • Maikeru Shinigami

    Agrabah was also included on the list. If this is teasing at worlds for the next game, I’m pretty happy with the list. I was predicting to see at least 3 princess worlds in this next game, and having 5 of the 6 on the list says to me that Square is thinking about using their worlds.

    If I were to pick only 3, I would probably go with Agrabah, Beast’s Castle and Dwarf Woodlands. Especially, if Agrabah has a boss fight with Jafar that’s actually challenging, Beast’s Castle has Gaston and Dwarf Woodlands does something badass with the mirror. If not, I’d like to see Enchanted Dominion in one of the three spots. Castle of Dreams is alright, but I’d prefer having the others in more.

    I hope that a new Pirates of the Caribbean world is used with Davy Jones as the villain. I’d like to fight him and maybe the Kraken in (a) boss fight(s). I’d like to go to Atlantica, but only if the world isn’t crap. Of the others, I’d most like to go to Neverland. As long as these worlds don’t replace too many potential new worlds, I’m super cool with them.

  • razeilvergil

    Port royale,Halloween town and Olympus coliseium

  • jack

    Would like to return:
    Halloween town.
    Wish they include:
    Newer worlds like Frozen , Tangled, Atlantis lost empire, treasure planet, emperor new groove,rescuers down under,ducktales and more!
    More secret bosses( I can personally make like 10 optional bosses from the top of my head)
    If they can’t do a lot of it do dlc to add more worlds and quests later on that can help set up for the next games.


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